What’s the difference between a lip flip and lip filler?

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A lip filler treatment involves injecting a substance to create more volume in the lips. A lip flip treatment involves injecting a neurotoxin such as Botox® to allow the outer muscles to weaken and the inner muscles to turn the lip out slightly.

When should I use lip filler?

Your lips may be smaller than you would like or may have shrunk due to natural aging. Your lip may have little “smoker lines” even if you don’t smoke due to loss of volume. When this is the case, lip filler will add volume and make the lip fuller, more youthful, and expose more of the pink portion of your lips.

The superficial lip fiber muscles pucker the mouth closed and cause the lips to disappear.

The deep lip muscles turn the pink of the lips out. deeper turn the lips out causing a “duck lip” effect.

Lip filler lasts 6-12 months, however, it can be added sooner to achieve even more volume. Additionally, there is a little bit of collagen production in response to the lip filler so your lips get some degree of permanent enhancement as well.

When should I receive a lip flip treatment?

Performing a lip flip with Botox® works differently than lip filler and it is optimal for only certain lip types. A neurotoxin (such as Botox®) temporarily weakens the muscles in and around the lip. The lip has both superficial and deep fiber muscles that control movements. The superficial lip fibers pucker the mouth closed, and the deeper fibers turn the lips out.

With a lip flip, the Botox® is injected in 4 spots in the upper and or lower lip very superficially so it only affects the superficial muscles. A lip flip is for someone with a full lip and isn’t worried about losing lip volume over time.

Is the lip flip over-rated?

A lip flip treatment doesn’t last very long as the dose of the neurotoxin is tiny. Overall, the lip flip is unimpressive. It is popular mainly due to its presence on social media, but most people are not good candidates. Lip filler will add volume over time (vs. losing some volume using a neurotoxin that can cause atrophy with a lip flip) and is more suitable for the majority of individuals.

What is the cost of lip filler vs. a lip flip?

At Allure Medical, lip filler treatment currently costs $399 the first time. After your first treatment, you are automatically added to our Lip Club and will receive lip filler treatment for just $250 per session. The lip flip is currently $8 per unit Botox® and typically costs $40.

Our team will help determine what treatment is right for your desired lip appearance. Book your appointment with one of our skilled master injectors today.

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