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Losing weight can feel frustrating and impossible. You’ve tried the diets. You’ve tried exercising. But the scale won’t budge.

At Allure Medical, we offer Orbera Gastric Balloon – an effective non-surgical weight loss solution to help patients who struggle with losing weight through traditional diets and lifestyle changes alone. 

This innovative treatment is FDA-approved and helps patients lose their excess body weight. If you feel you’ve exhausted all other weight loss options, we’re here to help. 

Don’t struggle with weight loss anymore. Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn how we can help you successfully and safely achieve your weight loss goals.

What is the Orbera Intragastric Balloon?

The Orbera is a soft, silicone balloon that is inserted into your stomach through your mouth. It is filled with saline solution and can stay in your stomach for up to 6 months.

A study reveals that Orbera Gastric Balloons help patients lose up to 80% of their excess body weight in just the first 3 months of use.

The Orbera balloon takes up space in your stomach, helping you feel fuller faster so you eat less. This allows you to lose a significant amount of weight during the 6 months that the balloon is placed.

Once the 6 months is up, the Orbera balloon is removed through a simple endoscopic procedure. This non-surgical option means no incisions, pain medication, or recovery time.

The Orbera Balloon Procedure For Weight Loss

During a short outpatient procedure, our skilled gastroenterologist will insert a deflated Orbera balloon into your stomach through your mouth using an endoscope.

Once in place inside the stomach, the balloon is filled with saline solution until it reaches the size of a grapefruit.

Having this balloon in your stomach helps you feel fuller faster when eating, promoting portion control. The Orbera balloon encourages weight loss by:

  • Reducing how much you can eat at one time
  • Causing feelings of fullness faster
  • Helping change eating behaviors and habits
  • Supporting appetite suppression

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Diet And Exercise Programs With The Orbera

The Orbera balloon works best alongside diet and exercise programs. Our team includes experienced nutritionists and trainers who will work with you to create a customized diet and fitness plan.

We recommend following a balanced diet and regular exercise routine while the Orbera balloon is in place. This comprehensive approach helps maximize your weight loss success.

Lifestyle changes are key not only for losing weight with the Orbera balloon in the short term, but also maintaining results long term after it is removed.

Health Benefits Of The Orbera Balloon

The Orbera balloon can lead to significant weight loss and body mass index (BMI) reduction, which is associated with numerous health benefits:

Reversal of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Reversing or improving obesity-related conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis. Studies show remission of diabetes in over 50% of diabetic patients after significant weight loss.

Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Reduced risk factors and progression of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Losing just 5-10% body weight can lower blood pressure, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and blood glucose.

Decreased Joint Pain and Improved Mobility

Decreased mechanical strain and inflammation associated with obesity, leading to less joint pain and improved mobility. Weight loss reduces pressure on the knees, hips, and back.

Better Blood Sugar Control and Insulin Sensitivity

Improved regulation of blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Weight loss, especially in the abdominal area, is linked to better glycemic control.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Reduced risks of some cancers that are increased with obesity, such as breast, colon, endometrial, kidney, pancreatic, and esophageal cancers.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Improved quality of life through increased energy, self-esteem, and ability to perform daily activities. Obese individuals who lose weight report better physical functioning and vitality.

Improved Reproductive Health

Positive effects on reproductive health, fertility, and pregnancy outcomes. Obesity can lead to irregular periods, infertility, and complications during pregnancy.

Better Liver Health

Potential to reverse non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Weight loss of 10% can resolve fat accumulation in the liver.

Improved Sleep Quality

Improved sleep quality and reduced sleep apnea symptoms. Excess weight compromises respiratory function during sleep.

Decreased Depression and Anxiety

Decreased depression and anxiety symptoms that often accompany obesity. Losing weight is associated with better mental health.

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Allure Medical’s Orbera Weight Loss Program

The Orbera weight loss program is a 12-month, physician-supervised plan that helps you develop healthy habits for long-lasting results. It consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Orbera Balloon Placement

We begin by placing a soft, deflated balloon in your stomach through a simple endoscopic procedure. Once in place, it is filled with saline solution to take up space in your stomach. For the next 6 months, the balloon helps you feel fuller faster so you can retrain your eating habits.

Phase 2: Active Weight Loss

You will work closely with our team to follow a customized diet and exercise plan. Regular coaching and monitoring will help maximize weight loss during this period. Most patients lose significant weight with the balloon in place.

Phase 3:Transition and Maintenance

After 6 months, the Orbera balloon is removed. You’ll continue monthly visits for 6 more months to ensure you maintain your weight loss through your new healthy lifestyle habits. Long-term behavior changes are essential for sustained success.

With ongoing support and guidance, the Orbera program helps you lose weight and adopt the lifelong dietary and exercise habits needed to keep it off. Our experienced medical team is with you each step of the way.

What To Expect During The Orbera Balloon Insertion Procedure

The Orbera balloon insertion procedure involves several steps that patients should be aware of. 

The key stages include:

1An endoscopy performed to place the deflated balloon into the stomach
2The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and does not require surgery
3You may experience a sore throat for a short time after as the endoscope is passed through the mouth
4You should be able to leave the hospital a few hours after the procedure
5It’s important to follow a clear liquid diet for 3 days before balloon removal
6Care must be taken when filling the balloon to avoid high pressures that could damage it
7Discomfort after the procedure is normal but should subside

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Potential Side Effects of The Orbera Balloon

The Orbera balloon is generally safe, but some possible side effects to be aware of include:

  • Temporary discomfort like nausea, vomiting, or stomach pain
  • Rare and serious risks like gastric ulcers, intestinal blockage, perforation, bleeding, or aspiration pneumonia

These side effects are uncommon when FDA guidelines are followed properly. Our medical team closely monitors patients to minimize risks.

During your consultation, we will thoroughly discuss your medical history and help determine if Orbera is a good fit for you. Together we will weigh the benefits versus the potential risks for your individual case.

Why Choose Allure Medical For The Orbera Balloon?

When choosing where to get the Orbera balloon, trust your care to our highly experienced team. Allure Medical offers:

  • Board certified gastroenterologists to perform procedures
  • Customized diet and exercise programs for optimal results
  • A 12-month comprehensive program for extended support
  • Modern accredited surgical facilities for your safety
  • Flexible payment plans to fit your budget

We have an excellent success rate and hundreds of satisfied Orbera patients. See if this non-surgical option is your weight loss solution by scheduling a consultation today.

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Lose weight without surgery or downtime. The Orbera balloon could help you finally achieve the results diet and exercise alone cannot. Contact Allure Medical today to learn more and take the first step toward a healthier you.

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How much weight can I expect to lose with the Orbera balloon?

Studies show patients lose an average of 21-28 lbs with the Orbera balloon in the first 3 months and up to 80% of excess body weight after 6 months. Results vary based on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Is the Orbera balloon procedure painful?

The Orbera balloon insertion and removal procedures are not surgical and are generally not painful. You may have temporary sore throat or stomach discomfort. Medication can help relieve any pain.

What are the requirements to get the Orbera balloon?

You must have a BMI of 30-40 and have tried other weight loss methods without success. You also need clearance from a doctor that you are healthy enough for the procedure.

Can the Orbera balloon move around or deflate in my stomach?

The Orbera balloon stays securely in place in your stomach and will not move around or deflate thanks to its durable silicone design. It is filled with a precise amount of saline.

How long does the Orbera balloon stay in for?

The Orbera balloon remains in your stomach for 6 months. After this time it is removed through a simple endoscopic procedure. This gives your body time to adjust to new eating habits.

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