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If damp underarms are part of your morning ritual, we know the struggle. 

The stained shirts. The fear of raising a hand. The limits on clothing choices. Excessive sweating can quickly steal your poise and confidence.

Our miraDry® treatment at Allure Medical offers lasting relief without pain, downtime, or damage. How? By simply targeting the source for dramatic, long-term results.

What is miraDry®?

The technology works by using electromagnetic energy to precisely target and destroy sweat glands located in the dermal-fat interface layer just under the skin. To ensure a pain-free procedure, anesthesia will be applied beforehand. 

While heat is delivered to the glands, the miraDry system simultaneously uses a cooling mechanism to keep the upper layers of skin at a safe temperature, avoiding any burns or damage.

The result? Up to a 90% reduction in underarm sweat after just two quick, comfortable treatment sessions.

But how long do miraDry results last? Expect them to last for a long time. In most cases, miraDry’s effects are permanent because we basically “kill” the target sweat glands. 

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How Does miraDry® Work?

First, a topical anesthesia cream can be applied for added comfort if desired. Then the miraDry handheld device is gently placed against the skin of the underarms.

Precision energy is delivered to the specific region where sweat glands reside – the dermal-fat interface below the upper layers of skin. The energy targets and destroys these glands while a simultaneous cooling system keeps the surrounding superficial skin safe.

This allows for dramatic sweat reduction without harming the skin.

Don’t let excessive sweating dictate your clothing choices. Get free of pit stains with our miraDry treatment plan. Message us now.

The Science Behind the Sweat and Odor Relief

Now, you may ask, “Where’s the science that backs these all up?” Look no further than these studies:

  • A study of 31 adults with axillary hyperhidrosis found that at 1 year after treatment with a microwave device (miraDry), efficacy remained over 90% based on severity scores and sweat reduction.
  • Side effects like pain and skin sensation changes had resolved except for some underarm hair loss. Patients also reported a 90% decrease in underarm odor at 1 year.
  • In another case, a 23-year-old male with severe axillary hyperhidrosis was treated successfully with microwave ablation using the miraDry device.
  • Each underarm was injected with numbing medication and treated at the maximum energy level due to the patient’s large size. Common temporary side effects were reported, including swelling, pain, numbness, and hair loss.

Treatment Duration and Protocol

The initial miraDry treatment session takes about 60 minutes to perform. We recommend two sessions spaced three months apart for best results.

In clinical trials, patients experienced a range of 82-90% sweat reduction after completing the recommended two-session protocol. That means this technology provides dramatic, lasting relief from excessive sweating after a quick in-office procedure.

miraDry® is Gentle, Quick, and Simple

  • Little to No Discomfort

The non-invasive nature of the miraDry technique means there is very little pain or discomfort during treatment. The sensation is often described as a mild pinching or tingling feeling.

Our skilled providers ensure maximum comfort throughout the procedure. Any minor sensations generally subside quickly once the treatment is complete.

  • No Downtime

The quick and non-invasive miraDry procedure means there is no recovery downtime required. It is a swift outpatient treatment that allows you to return to your normal activities immediately afterward.

You don’t have to set aside days out of your busy schedule for recovery. Simply come in for your appointment, undergo the 60-minute miraDry treatment, and be on your way, sweat-free.

miraDry® Post-Treatment Recovery

  • Same-Day Resumption

Because miraDry is non-invasive, you can bounce back to your routine the very same day as your treatment. There is no need to take time off work or skip your regular activities.

Some minor swelling and tenderness can occur in the underarm area in the days following treatment. This is normal and generally subsides within a few days.

  • Short-Term Recovery

It’s common to experience some mild edema and a temporary loss of sensation in the underarms as the treated tissue heals. Tingling or numbness may occur but will resolve within a few weeks.

You can expect final results and full recovery within one to two weeks post-procedure. After that, you’ll be ready to start feeling – and seeing – the amazing effects of dramatically reduced underarm sweating.

Who Are the Best Candidates for the miraDry® Treatment?

The skilled physicians at Allure Medical will conduct a comprehensive individual assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for miraDry treatment.

Every patient and condition is unique, so a tailored evaluation allows us to provide accurate information and set proper expectations.

Exclusions apply if you have:

  • Heart pacemakers or defibrillators
  • A need for supplemental oxygen
  • Metal implants near treatment sites
  • A risk of allergic reaction to anesthetic

Our knowledgeable staff will inform you if any exclusions apply during your initial consultation. We want every patient to have the facts needed to make empowered treatment decisions.

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