Lose Inches and Reveal Your Best Body with Zerona Body Slimming

A Non-Invasive Laser Body Contouring Treatment That Targets Stubborn Fat and Reveals Your Best Shape

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Have you been struggling to eliminate fat from your stomach, hips, thighs, or other trouble spots despite diet and exercise? Are you looking for a safe, effective way to contour your body without surgery, downtime, or side effects? Then it’s time to discover the revolutionary Zerona body slimming treatment.

At Allure Medical, we offer Zerona, an FDA-cleared non-invasive laser body contouring procedure that uses cold low-level laser technology to target and shrink fat cells without harming your skin or tissue. 

Lose 3 inches from your waist, hips, and thighs in just 2-3 weeks and reveal a slimmer, more toned physique

What is Zerona Body Slimming?

Zerona is an innovative slimming treatment that utilizes safe, low-level laser technology to target and reduce stubborn fat. This non-invasive procedure shrinks fat cells without surgery, pain, or downtime.

During a Zerona session, you simply lie down and relax while a technician positions multiple laser pads directly on the skin. The cold laser energy penetrates down to the fat cells causing them to temporarily expand. This disruption in the cell membrane creates openings that allow the fat contents to safely drain out of the cells.

The freed fat is then naturally flushed away by the body’s lymphatic system and filtered through the liver. Permanent fat reduction is achieved as the empty fat cells shrink down in size. You can expect to lose several inches around the waist, hips, thighs, arms, back, and other treated areas.

The Zerona treatment plan consists of 6 sessions over 2-3 weeks. Each 30-minute session is completely painless and you can resume normal activities immediately afterwards. To maximize slimming results, you are advised to stay well hydrated and follow a healthy diet.

Zerona provides impressive body slimming without anesthesia, medication, surgery, or downtime. This non-invasive laser therapy safely slims and sculpts the body by reducing stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Zerona is an effective and comfortable way to reshape your figure.

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The Benefits of Zerona Body Slimming

Zerona offers an effective, non-invasive way to slim down and contour their bodies. This innovative laser treatment provides the following benefits:


Zerona is a 100% non-surgical procedure that requires no incisions, anesthesia, or medications. There is no pain, wounds, or recovery time.

Targeted Fat Reduction

The low-level lasers specifically target fat cells, shrinking them for noticeable fat reduction in treated areas.

Safe and Comfortable

The procedure is completely safe and relaxing during the gentle 30-minute sessions. There is no discomfort or side effects.

Fast Treatment Time

Only 6 brief sessions are required over 2-3 weeks to achieve results. Busy schedules can easily accommodate this quick treatment plan.

Immediate Results

Changes in body contour and reduction in inches can be seen following the first few sessions. Results will continue to improve in the weeks after.

Long-Lasting Effects

You can expect their slimmer figure to be permanent as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained. Fat cells remain shrunken after treatment.

Improved Body Contours

Stubborn fat is reduced from common problem areas like the waist, hips, thighs, arms and back. The body appears smoother and better sculpted.

Enhanced Confidence

Look better, feel better, and gain confidence after seeing their slimmer figure in the mirror. It motivates them to eat healthy and stay active.

The Zerona Treatment Procedure

Zerona body slimming sessions are relaxing, comfortable, and easy. Here is what you can expect during a Zerona session at Allure Medical:

  1. Consultation: Our knowledgeable staff will conduct a comprehensive consultation to evaluate your problem areas and body goals. We’ll design a customized Zerona treatment plan to target your specific fat reduction needs.
  2. Preparation: You’ll remove any clothing or jewelry from the treatment areas and lie comfortably on the treatment bed. Our staff will properly position the low-level laser pads directly on the targeted zones.
  3. Treatment: The cold laser heads will deliver gentle laser energy for 30 minutes while you simply relax. The light penetrates down to shrink and release fat from the treatment areas.  This laser energy gently heats the fat cells causing them to rupture and release their contents. The body’s natural lymphatic drainage system then eliminates the freed fat.
  4. Completion: At the end of the session, the laser heads are removed. Since there is no recovery time, you can get dressed and resume normal activities immediately.

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Zerona Body Slimming for Obese Patients Seeking Targeted Fat Reduction 

While not a weight loss solution on its own, Zerona may assist obese patients in the following ways:

Benefits Details
Spot Reduction of Stubborn Fat DepositsThe Zerona laser is able to focus energy on localized areas of diet and exercise-resistant fat to reduce bulge around the abdomen, thighs, arms and back. This allows for better body contouring and shaping.
Adjunct to Lifestyle Changes for Weight LossWhen combined with nutritional optimization and increased physical activity, Zerona can enhance weight loss efforts, accelerate results, and help motivate obese patients to stay compliant with healthy regimens.
Non-Surgical Body SculptingZerona is not a replacement for bariatric surgery, but it does provide an alternative fat reduction option for patients who do not qualify for surgery or want a non-invasive treatment.

While optimal candidates are within 30 lbs of their ideal weight, Zerona can still reduce targeted fat bulges on obese patients through a series of brief, comfortable laser treatments. 

Alongside dietary modifications and exercise, Zerona laser therapy is a well-tolerated body contouring option.

Results You Can Expect

The Zerona treatment provides visible body slimming results that continue to improve over time. Most patients experience the following:

  • An average loss of 3-9 inches from the waist, hips, thighs and other treated areas after completing the full series of 6 sessions
  • Noticeable changes in body contour and reduction in inches after just 2-3 sessions
  • Continued improvements in slimming for up to 2 months following the last session as the body eliminates the released fat
  • Average losses of 3.64 inches from the waist, 2.51 inches from the hips, and 2.05 inches from the thighs, according to clinical studies
  • The non-invasive treatment is safe and comfortable, with most patients reporting minimal side effects

By the end of your complete Zerona treatment series, you can expect to be down several inches and clothing sizes. The fat reduction is permanent as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

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Ideal Candidates

The Zerona procedure is designed for healthy individuals who struggle with fat resistance to diet and exercise. Ideal candidates include:

1Those with a BMI under 30 who want to target specific areas like the abdomen, arms, hips, and thighs
2People who are near their ideal body weight but have stubborn fat pockets
3Individuals looking to contour and shape their body without surgery
4Healthy patients who do not have medical issues related to obesity
5Those seeking inch loss and slimming without significant downtime
6Patients wanting effective spot reduction of stubborn fat bulges

Improve Your Body’s Contour with Zerona

If you are seeking noticeable inch loss and body contouring without surgery, needles, or downtime, Zerona may be the solution. This revolutionary treatment uses cold laser technology to target and shrink fat cells without harming your body. In just 6 quick, comfortable sessions, most patients lose at least 3 inches and reveal improved body shaping.

We encourage you to learn more and schedule your Zerona consultation today with Allure Medical. Our experienced providers will assess your needs and goals to determine if you are a good candidate. Call us today to get started on revealing your best body!

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How Many Zerona Treatments Are Needed?

The standard Zerona protocol is 6 treatments over a 2-3 week period. Some patients choose to do additional treatments for enhanced results.

Does Zerona Body Slimming Complement a Weight Loss Program?

Zerona is described as a treatment that can be a “great complement” to any diet and exercise plan. To optimize your weight loss results, we recommend combining Zerona with our physician-supervised Semaglutide weight loss injection program. 

Semaglutide is a once-weekly self-administered injection that helps suppress appetite, reduce food cravings, and promote feelings of fullness to support your weight loss journey. Together, Zerona and Semaglutide can help you lose fat, inches, and weight safely and effectively.

What Kind of Dietary Routine Should Be Followed During Zerona Body Slimming?

While Zerona can help reduce fat, a healthy diet is still recommended to optimize weight loss results. Maintaining proper hydration can also support the body contouring process.

The treatment itself does not require any special diet. However, following a nutritious diet and lifestyle after Zerona can help the body maintain leanness and prevent fat from returning to treated areas. No downtime is needed, allowing normal daily routines to continue.

Will the Fat Come Back After Zerona?

The fat cells treated by Zerona are permanently shrunk but not removed. As long as you maintain your weight, the treated fat cells should remain smaller. However, if you gain a significant amount of weight, the fat cells can expand again. This is why we recommend lifestyle changes to keep the fat off long-term.

Is There Any Downtime Associated With Zerona?

No. There is no required downtime with the Zerona procedure. Most patients report no side effects and are able to return to normal activities immediately.

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