NightLase®: A Clinically Proven, Non-Invasive Snoring Treatment

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A person with long, dark hair is lying on a white bed, sleeping on their side with their head on a pillow and their hands resting near their face.

Are you or your partner tired of snoring that disturbs your sleep? Do you often wake up feeling unrested?

If shedding that excess weight hasn’t stopped you from hosting a private concert for one, two, (or more) every night, we understand your frustrations. 

And even if weight loss isn’t your priority, Allure Medical offers you an effective alternative regardless.  

Our NightLase® treatment has helped hundreds finally attain the soothing, refreshing rest they deserve without surgical intervention. 

What Is NightLase®?

NightLase® is a breakthrough laser treatment that gently tightens tissues in the throat to open airways. This patented approach effectively reduces snoring and lessens the effects of obstructive sleep apnea, using safe laser energy to increase sleep quality.

With no anesthesia or devices required, NightLase® is a simple, fast way to mute the noise for good every time you go off to dreamland. 

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Quickly Stop Your Snoring – Minus Any Pain

NightLase® works through a gentle two-step process:

  1. Laser energy lightly heats and preconditions tissues in the throat area.
  1. Further laser pulses strengthen lax tissues, tightening and firming them to open airways.

This safe, superficial heating causes collagen remodeling and tissue tightening, preventing throat tissues from vibrating and obstructing airways during sleep.

Treatments take only about 15 minutes and require no downtime. You’ll be in and out of our clinic in no time! 

A series of 3-5 sessions is recommended over 2-3 months for optimal results. Improvements are often noticed after the very first NightLase® treatment!

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What Are the Proven Benefits of NightLase®?

  1. Improves sleep quality and daytime energy
  2. Needs no anesthesia or devices/mouthpieces
  3. Treatments are fast – only 15 minutes
  4. Notice improvements after just a few sessions
  5. Non-surgical and no drug side effects

Experience the vast difference made by undisturbed, restorative sleep. 

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The Science Supports NightLase®

Multiple clinical studies validate the effectiveness of NightLase® for reducing snoring and improving sleep:

  • A randomized controlled trial with 40 patients found NightLase significantly reduced snoring compared to a sham treatment, with improvements on both patient-reported and bed partner-reported snoring surveys.
  • Another study with 88 patients found NightLase provided short and long-term improvement in snoring, with effects sustained over a follow-up period of up to 36 months.
  • This systematic review cited studies showing NightLase had an overall patient satisfaction rate of around 80% for reducing snoring.

Customized Plans Tackle Sleep Issues Head-on

During your personal NightLase® consultation, our experts will:

  • Evaluate your snoring and sleep concerns
  • Explain how NightLase® can help
  • Develop a customized treatment plan
  • Answer all your questions

We’ll ensure you understand the process and feel confident in your treatment plan.

Is NightLase® Right For You?

NightLase® is an excellent option for many snorers, including:

  • Patients who snore loudly or have mild to moderate sleep apnea
  • Patients who cannot tolerate or are non-compliant with CPAP machines
  • Those looking for a non-surgical option without anesthesia or invasive procedures
  • Patients for whom other snoring treatments have not worked well
  • Chronic snorers in general

Reward Yourself (and Loved Ones) With Peaceful Nights 

Because don’t you all deserve no less? With NightLase®, you can finally bid adieu to noisy nights and welcome the sweet embrace of tranquil slumber.

Contact Allure Medical today to learn more about how NightLase® can effectively open airways and silence snoring for good. 

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