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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished for a more lifted, fuller, and rounder backside?

You’re not the only one.

Here at Allure Medical, we understand exactly how you feel. That’s why our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is designed just for someone like you.

With our skilled surgical team and advanced techniques, we’re here to enhance what you already have and bring those dreams of beautiful, lasting curves into reality.

Why Choose a Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • For That Hourglass Figure: We get it, many of you are looking for that curvy, hourglass silhouette. A BBL doesn’t just add volume to your buttocks; it also sculpts your hips and thighs for that coveted shape.
  • To Revive and Refine: If age, weight loss, or just your natural shape has left your backside feeling a bit flat or saggy, you’re not alone. A BBL is here to help. It’s not just about adding volume; it’s about crafting a youthful, aesthetically pleasing look that feels as good as it appears.

Expertise Meets Innovation: Our BBL Procedure Unveiled

Our Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, utilizes your own body fat to add volume and shape to your buttocks. It’s a two-part procedure performed by our board-certified plastic surgeons.

First, liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from areas like your abdomen, hips, or thighs. Next, this purified fat is injected into precise areas of your buttocks to create beautiful, natural-looking contours.

Our team uses the latest technology and meticulous techniques to ensure optimal fat grafting and lifting. We customize each BBL to match your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals.

At Allure Medical, your safety and satisfaction come first. That’s why we only provide this procedure to select candidates who are in overall good health.

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Experience Lasting Beauty: The Enduring Results of Our BBL

While a traditional butt lift uses implants that can shift or feel unnatural, our BBL uses your own natural fat cells. This means you get a soft, smooth look and feel that is uniquely you. Since the transferred fat is living tissue, your results are permanent.

Our BBLs provide a noticeable lift that makes your backside look firmer and fuller in clothing. The added volume also creates more aesthetic proportions between your waist, hips, and buttocks.

While weight fluctuations may impact your results slightly, most patients enjoy their transformed silhouette for life after a BBL.

Are You the Perfect Candidate for a BBL? Find Out Here

The ideal BBL candidate is in good overall health and has enough excess body fat for harvesting and transfer. This procedure works best for those wanting moderate improvement in the shape and volume of their buttocks.

It is not intended for significant weight loss or dramatic enlarging of the buttocks. Good candidates include:

  • Those in stable shape but seeking better proportions
  • Patients who feel their buttocks lack firmness or roundness
  • Women who have changed shape after childbirth
  • Anyone desiring a natural-looking improvement of their rear shape
  • Patients with good skin elasticity and muscle tone

BBL candidates should also have realistic expectations for the procedure. The plastic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate during your consultation. Be prepared to discuss your health history and goals.

Your BBL Recovery: Healing Timeline

Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift at Allure Medical is smoother than you might expect. Let’s walk through what your recovery will look like:

Recovery StageTime FrameWhat to Expect
Immediate RecoveryFirst 24 HoursRest and Heal: Stay rested, limit movement to reduce swelling, and follow pain management guidelines.
Early RecoveryFirst WeekPeak Soreness and Bruising: Expect peak swelling and soreness around day 3, along with bruising. You’ll come in for a follow-up and dressing change.
Progressing Recovery2-4 WeeksFinal Results: Enjoy your new, beautiful curves! The final results are fully visible.
Near Full Recovery1-3 MonthsSeeing Changes: Significant decrease in swelling. Begin to see your new shape. Start easing back into exercise.
Full Recovery3-6 MonthsFinal Results: Enjoy your new, beautiful curves! Final results are fully visible.

Remember, self-care and keeping your follow-up appointments are key for a smooth recovery. If you have any concerns or questions, our team at Allure Medical is here to support you every step of the way.

BBL vs. Implants: Making the Right Choice for You

Some patients consider butt implants rather than fat transfer. Implants involve silicone shells surgically inserted into the buttocks. However, implants have higher risks like:

  • Visible edges or folds in the skin
  • Infection
  • Capsular contracture
  • Shifting/rotation
  • Need for removal or replacement

For most patients seeking a moderate increase in size and shape, a natural BBL is preferable. The results look and feel softer while matching your body’s natural contours.

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits: Why Choose Allure Medical

Experience Natural Elegance, Customized for You

  • Feels Real, Looks Natural: We use your own fat for a seamless and natural enhancement. Your curves will feel and look soft, blending perfectly with your body.
  • Barely There Scars: Our technique involves tiny, strategically placed incisions. This means minimal scarring, mostly hidden.
  • Designed for You: We tailor each procedure to fit your body perfectly. The result? A beautifully balanced and proportional shape.
  • Enhanced Silhouette: The liposuction part of the BBL not only adds to your backside but also sculpts your overall figure for that extra definition.
  • Confidence Boost: Feel great in your skin. Our patients often share how much more confident and pleased they are with their new, sensuous shape.
  • Lasting Results: This isn’t a temporary fix. Maintain your weight, and your BBL results will stay with you.
  • Swift Recovery: Most patients are back to their routine in a few weeks. You’ll start seeing the beautiful changes in just 2-3 weeks.
  • Trusted and Safe: With a board-certified surgeon and high satisfaction rates, a BBL at Allure Medical is a safe choice for enhancing your shape.

Real Stories, Remarkable Results

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See how a Brazilian Butt Lift at Allure Medical changes lives. Our patients’ stories show the amazing results. Want to see for yourself?

Before & After: See the Difference

Check out our Before & After Gallery. You’ll see the real changes our patients enjoy. It’s not just about looks; it’s about how they feel.

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Your Questions Answered: BBL FAQs at Allure Medical

How long do Brazilian Butt Lift results last?

The results from a Brazilian Butt Lift are typically permanent, as the procedure uses fat transfer from your own body. However, maintaining a stable weight is crucial as significant weight changes can impact the long-lasting nature of the results.

What is the process of fat harvesting in BBL?

In a Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is harvested through liposuction. This is a gentle and precise process, typically involving areas with excess fat such as the abdomen, thighs, or other fat stores. This part of the procedure not only provides fat for transfer but also contours these donor areas.

What does the recovery period look like for a BBL?

Recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift usually requires 2-3 weeks before you can resume normal activities. It’s important to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for 3-4 weeks to ensure optimal fat grafting results. This period is crucial for the healing process and to ensure the longevity of the butt lift.

When will I be able to see the results of my BBL?

Initial results from a Brazilian Butt Lift at Allure Medical are visible within a few weeks post-surgery. However, it takes about 3-6 months to see the final results, as this is when the swelling typically subsides. This time frame is essential for the fat transfer to settle and for the full effect of the buttock augmentation to become apparent.

Is it okay to gain weight after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

While you can gain weight after a BBL, it’s important to note that significant weight gain or loss can affect your results. For the best and most stable outcome, we recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping a consistent weight after your butt augmentation surgery.

Do I Need to Repeat the Procedure?

Most of the time, a Brazilian Butt Lift is a one-and-done deal. However, if you’re looking for even more enhancement later on, we can definitely repeat the procedure. It’s all about what makes you happy with your look.

What About Sitting After the Procedure?

Absolutely, you can sit after your BBL! We don’t have a bunch of complicated aftercare rules. Just wear the compression garment we provide for about a week. After that, something like Spanx will do the trick for another 2-3 weeks to support your fabulous new curves.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Fat for a BBL? What Are My Options?

If a BBL isn’t viable due to limited fat for transfer, butt implants are another route. But let’s be real: they’re less popular because of the higher risks involved. And a big no to those risky, non-medical butt fillers – they’re just not safe.

How Much Volume Can We Add to My Butt?

Mother Nature has her say in this! The amount of fat you can spare determines how much we can add. Fuller figure? More fat for transfer. On the petite side? We work with what you have. It’s all about enhancing your natural shape beautifully and safely.

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