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Breast Cancer Prevented. Heart Disease Reduced. Menopause Improved.

In Testosterone: Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman, Dr. Charles Mok explains why hormone replacement therapy using testosterone not only helps with breast cancer prevention and reducing heart disease in women, but it also improves debilitating menopause symptoms.


Hey Guys, Low-T Effects More Than You Think.

If Your Testosterone Is Low, You’re Gonna Get Fat discusses how as men age and their testosterone declines, a host of preventable problems can develop. Besides obesity, these problems include diabetes, depression, erectile dysfunction, and cardiovascular disease. If you’re seeking care that will safely help you look and feel better, or if you simply want to know what the choices are, this is the book for you.


New Discoveries in the World of Multiple Sclerosis

Drug therapies for Multiple Sclerosis either slow down the progression of the disease or lessen its effects. They do not cure it. The goal of this booklet is to educate you on the development of multiple sclerosis, and the recent discoveries offering clues to future cures.


Advanced Treatment Guides: Cure Your Leg Pain for Good

At Allure, we believe in curing vein disease, not just managing symptoms. Old treatment methods are putting a huge burden on our nation’s economy and causing patients unnecessary suffering. We have the power to make an incredible shift in care and that is exactly what we are going to do.


Stem Cells for Facial Aging

We don’t need to cover up signs of aging. We can restore youthfulness and help regenerate what has been lost. We no longer have to simply manage disease or age, we can truly improve it.


Stem Cell for Arthritis

Why suffer for years to eventually have a dangerous, expensive surgery when there is a safe, cost-effective treatment available? One day, the world will no longer be doing joint replacements, because stem cells are much safer and more effective. They will save the country billions of dollars and most importantly, will save the quality of life for many people.


Reducing or eliminating sleep apnea can improve your health span and lifespan.

Disturbed sleep is linked to weight gain, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and a shortened lifespan and health span. In this book, Dr. Mok explains the options available to you that can reduce or even eliminate snoring and sleep apnea leading to a healthier life.