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Having been in this industry for over two decades, we get the popularity of traditional facelifts. However, our very own Allure Magic Lift™ represents a significant leap forward in facial transformation.

It’s a procedure rooted in fully customized solutions. While traditional lifts address isolated concerns, the Allure Magic Lift™ focuses on a holistic approach to refresh your face. 

What Exactly is the Allure Magic Lift™?

Our trademark Allure Magic Lift™ goes beyond a traditional face or neck lift to provide complete facial rejuvenation customized to your unique needs. Our surgical team combines expert lifting techniques with non-invasive injectables and lasers. 

We create personalized plans that may combine surgical lifting with non-surgical treatments like Botox® and fillers for optimal, natural-looking results. Due to its comprehensive nature, it takes a whole day to complete. 

Given the all-inclusive nature of the procedure, the Allure Magic Lift™ does come at a higher cost than a traditional facelift or non-surgical option. The specialized expertise and amount of time and care this premium facelift entails is reflected in the investment, which starts at $9,500.

Requires Short-Term Recovery for Long-Term Benefits

Because the Allure Magic Lift™ is an actual surgical procedure, you can expect some recovery time. Most patients require approximately 1.5 – 2 weeks off work after surgery to allow proper healing.

We know taking an extended break from your normal routine requires an adjustment. But keep your eye on the prize (i.e. a younger you). The short-term recovery is absolutely worth it for the long-lasting, life-changing positive change to your countenance.

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What Sets the Allure Magic Lift™ Apart From a Traditional Facelift?

FactorTraditional FaceliftAllure Magic Lift™
ScopeAddresses lower face and neckComplete facial rejuvenation
ApproachSurgical lifting and tighteningSurgical lifting combined with non-surgical treatments
TechniqueOptions like mini-facelift, deep-plane, or SMAS-flapCustomized multi-modal approach
Downtime1-2 weeks1.5-2 weeks
ResultsUp to 10 years rejuvenation10+ years rejuvenation
CandidatesLower face/neck concernsComprehensive facial renewal 

Customizing Your Facelift Approach

Today, the gold standard technique involves tightening the SMAS along with redraping the overlying skin. But options exist based on your unique needs and rejuvenation goals:

  1. Mini-facelifts: Use smaller incisions for a more limited lift. Reserved for younger patients or those with mild concerns.
  1. Deep-plane facelifts: Elevate the deep facial muscles for enhanced longevity. Provides dramatic tightening and lifting.
  1. SMAS-flap facelifts: Release a portion of the SMAS layer and reposition it for added lift. Gold standard rejuvenation.

Next-Level Enhancements

Modern advances now allow surgeons to offer greater improvements than ever before:

  • Adding volume: Replace age-related fat loss through grafting or dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. 
  • Skin resurfacing: Use lasers like ActiveFX or Fraxel to smooth wrinkles and even skin tone.
  • Fat reduction: Sculpt away unwanted fullness non-surgically.

Do You Have the Following Facial Goals?

If you’re between the ages of 30 and 90 and want to restore a more youthful look to your lower face and neck, you may be an ideal candidate for an Allure Magic Lift™. Good health and reasonable expectations are also key requirements we consider.

  • Refreshing Sagging Jowls and Jawlines

Do you look in the mirror and see sagging jowls and loose skin along your jawline? A facelift can provide a tighter, defined shape by lifting the SMAS layer and trimming excess skin.

  • Banishing Neck Bands and Turkey Wattles

Annoying neck bands and hanging turkey-like wattles under the chin also respond well to facelift surgery (or a corset platysmaplasty, to be exact). During this part of the facelift, the surgeon tackles loose neck muscles by weaving tightening stitches discreetly beneath the skin.

  • Restoring Your Whole Lower Face

Whether you have isolated concerns about your jowls or neck, or want to comprehensively rejuvenate your entire jawline and neck, a facelift addresses it all in one go. It removes the signs of aging from your mid-face down.

Understanding the Facelift Experience

You probably have some questions about what facelift surgery is actually like. Here’s an inside look at the procedure, recovery, and results you can expect.

  • Minimizing Surgical Risk and Discomfort

We know undergoing any surgery can sound daunting. But you’ll be in the most capable hands with our caring, seasoned surgical team. We prioritize your safety and comfort every second you’re in our clinic. 

You’ll be monitored under light sedation the entire time. We also inject a numbing solution to minimize any potential pain or discomfort. Most patients describe little to no noticeable pain during the procedure.

  • Resuming Doing What You Love as You Recover Quickly

The recovery from a modern facelift may be easier than you imagine. There’s very little downtime required. Sutures are removed in one week and most patients feel ready to perform light daily tasks the day after surgery.

You’ll be advised to rest and limit strenuous activity as your incisions heal. But with help from a friend or family member, you can generally manage well at home with minimal disruption or assistance needed.

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What Results Can You Expect and How Long Will They Last?

  • Strategic Incisions for a Natural Look

Our surgeons use meticulous techniques to conceal incisions within the hairline and natural contours of your face and ears. There are no obvious scars or telltale signs you had work done.

  • Look Rested and Renewed

The key is looking like a refreshed, better version of yourself – not artificial. Skilled surgical techniques allow us to achieve results that appear natural and elegant.

  • Wind the Clock Back 5-10 Years

Most patients enjoy a vibrant, youthful facial appearance that seems to turn back time 5-10 years. Combining a facelift with lifestyle choices and non-surgical touch-ups can extend the longevity even further.

  • Consider Revision and Mini Facelifts

If you’ve had a prior facelift but want additional rejuvenation, a revision is an option. A mini facelift offers more conservative tightening for those with milder needs.

  • Follow-Up Lifts

Let us know if you’ve had a previous facelift elsewhere but have new concerns like recurrent jowls or neck looseness. We can perform a follow-up lift to improve any areas that need a refresh.

  • Right-Sizing Your Lift

Younger patients under 50 who want moderate tightening may do well with a mini facelift. We’ll help determine how much lift you need for balanced, proportionate results.

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