In this season of Beneath the Surface, medical reporter, Kam Carman, speaks with Allure Medical’s founder Dr. Charles Mok, and highly credited vein specialist, Dr. Andrew Georgeson to deliver the honest facts about vein disease, thoughtful treatment options, and what it truly means to be healed.


What is Vein Disease?

Kam Carman sits with Allure Medical’s founder, Dr. Charles Mok, to discuss how vein disease forms, its many symptoms, and how it can be cured.


Screening for Vein Disease

Do you know what happens at a vein screening? Kam Carman gets the details from Vein Specialist and Board Certified General Surgeon, Dr. Drew Georgeson. Know what to expect when you start your journey to healthy legs.

Find out if you have the signs of vein disease in this quick quiz.