“Uniquely Purified” Xeomin

Xeomin is an FDA-approved neurotoxin, like Botox, that temporarily weakens muscles. For cosmetic purposes, Xeomin is used to treat muscles that can cause wrinkles, fine lines, or droopy eyebrows.

The Xeomin Difference

Xeomin is made in a lab from bacteria engineered to precisely create a version of a naturally occurring neurotoxin. What makes Xeomin different from other toxins such as Botox and Dysport is that it is much purer as it does not contain extra proteins that can lead to antibody formation. Other neurotoxins contain associated proteins that the body recognizes as foreign, antibodies are created, and eventually, the antibodies can make the drug less effective.  Xeomin, being a pure neurotoxin, is known to be very unlikely to stimulate antibodies and lose effectiveness.

Xeomin Vs. Botox & Proper Dosing

The Top Three Xeomin Treatment Areas

#1. Glabella or “The 11’s”

Many of us develop two vertical lines between our brows, called the glabella or commonly referred to as “the 11’s”. When the glabella lines have been present for years, the 11’s are like scars and will soften only slightly the first time you are treated with Xeomin.  However, with repeated injections, the 11’s will fade until they are no longer visible.

gabella or the "11" lines between the eyes

The glabella is comprised of six muscles. Five of those muscles pull the brow down and together creating the appearance of anger (resting bi%$h face) and one muscle that lifts the brow.  The key to treating this area is to selectively weaken the muscles that pull down and leave the muscle that lifts fully functional.  Typically, 20-40 units of Xeomin are used for the glabella with most people responding best to 30 units.  That number of units equates to 5-7 syringes injected with a micro needle to treat the glabella.

#2. Forehead Lines

The forehead is the principal lifting muscle of the upper face, making it a target for many aesthetic professionals. Because of this, it is the most over-treated area with any neurotoxin. Forehead lines develop over time from facial expressions that cause the eyebrows to repeatedly rise.  Weakening the forehead muscle that raises the eyebrows, will cause the eyebrows to drop.  It is best to treat the muscles that lower the eyebrows first, see how much lift occurs to the brow, and then minimize the number of units to the forehead if more softening of the forehead lines is desired.

We see a lot of new patients who are used to getting their forehead treated and say “I don’t want any movement” of my forehead.  This may be fine when you are young, but your eyebrow will drop creating a droopy effect over time. At Allure Medical, we avoid this droopy effect altogether.

forehead lines treated with Xeomin

The key to treating the forehead is to first treat the glabella and crow’s feet with Xeomin which typically requires 45-60 units. After that, we recommend lightly treating the forehead with about 8 units of Xeomin. This treatment method allows lift, the softening of fine lines and wrinkles, yet still allows movement in the eyebrow without creating a drooping effect.

#3. Crow’s Feet & Brow Lift

Sometimes called smile lines, these are the lines at the sides of your eyes that deepen when you wink or smile. Xeomin is injected in four places with a tiny needle to weaken the muscle that pulls the eyes closed tightly.  With this treatment method, the eyes are still able to close, but they will not be as squinty. These lines may not disappear entirely, but the harsh appearance of deep lines will soften. To treat crow’s feet, we typically use about 10-15 units of Xeomin per eye.

crow's feet around the eyes

In addition to softening lines, we like to use Xeomin to lift the brow.  This muscle, like the glabella, pulls the brow down, and weakening it will cause a lift. Notice how much lift occurred with the patient below when we weakened her squinting muscle.

Watch a Xeomin Treatment & See the Results!

Dr. Charles Mok explains the muscular anatomy of the face and where he will be injecting each patient below. Notice how lifting the brows opens the eyes and gives a more attractive and younger appearance.

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Content image
xeomin brow lift

Injecting Xeomin in Younger Women

Dr. Mok at our Greenville office explains that treating the depressor muscle to lift the brow will create a more attractive eye appearance. Some injectors will just treat the forehead lines which will cause the brows to droop. Being aware of these points of injection is very important before you have a Xeomin or Botox treatment.

xeomin brow lift before and after

Treating an Uneven Smile with Xeomin

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