Magic Lift (Non-Surgical Face Lift)

Defy Aging Without Surgery

The days of looking tired, worried, sad, or angry are over. You can diminish wrinkles, restore volume, and erase the effects of aging without surgery. Allure Medical's Magic Lift™ is a combination of facial injectables that requires NO surgery.

Benefits of Magic Lift™

At your free Magic Lift™ consultation, our aesthetic professionals will work with you to provide a custom treatment plan to attain your desired look. Their expertise and artistry will have you ecstatic with your results and experience.

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Speedy Recovery

While you may experience slight bruising or swelling for a couple of days following the procedure, recovery is fairly quick.

natural results making this woman smile

Natural Results

Allure Medical specializes in natural appearance rejuvenation, meaning your results will have you looking like a younger version of yourself.

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Magic Lift™ uses facial injections to naturally lift your features. On the contrary, a surgical facelift can leave permanent scarring and requires downtime.

Magic Lift™ Packages

There are 3 tiers of Magic Lift™ treatment packages that address different facial concerns. At your free consultation, your provider will help determine which one would be best for you.

close up of woman's pretty eyes magic lift

The Pretty Eyes Package

Treatment Focus: Lift, brighten and enhance the natural beauty of the eyes.

close up of woman's pretty eyes, cheeks and mouth for Magic lift

The Lift & Restore Package

Treatment Focus: Enhance the eyes while also restoring lost volume near the cheeks and temples.

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The Turn Back Time Package

Treatment Focus: Enhance the eyes, restore lost volume in the upper and lower face and tighten excess skin.

The Magic of Magic Lift™

Each patient has different concerns and therefore needs a customized treatment plan to address those concerns. Let us show you some patient results and how we arrived at their desired look using Botox and/or Xeomin along with facial fillers.

Addressing Facial Alignment with Magic Lift™

Bringing a patient's facial features into alignment using Botox and/or Xeomin while carefully placing facial fillers can create a more cohesive look. Notice the white directional lines show the adjustment of the face alignment to create a more attractive appearance - without surgery!

before and after of magic lift with directional line

Here's what we did:

  • Brow was raised by injecting Botox
  • We injected facial filler in the temple, tear trough, nasojugal fold (under eye), and nose.
  • The "Top Model" effect was achieved by raising the cheek with filler
  • Chin was projected with filler

Her jaw appears more defined because of the facial filler placement in her cheek and chin.

magic lift lines of facial alignment in before and after photo

Here's what we did:

By filling minor depressions (the temple and tear trough) the face looks less tired, and eyes more open (also had Botox to lift her brow). Her deep cheek creases caused her eyes to look saggy but after the Pretty Eyes Package her eyes appear restored and more youthful.

Addressing Facial Shape with Magic Lift™

Over time, our faces can take on different shapes. This can happen due to loss of volume, gravity, and overuse of facial muscles. This change of shape is completely natural, however, we can alter the shape of the face from rectangular or trapezoidal to a softer oval or a slimmer triangular shape.

Magic lift before and after facial shape change from rectangle to triangle

Here's what we did:

We relaxed and lifted her brow with Botox while using facial filler in her mid and upper face. To create this slimming effect, we moved the mass upward causing the lower face to appear leaner - the triangle effect.

magic lift gif of a patient before and after from trapezoidal shaped face to an oval shaped face

Here's what we did:

To address the sagginess in the lower face we injected a substantial amount of filler into the mid-face. This placement of filler lifted the lower face while created a more attractive, oval shape.

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Patient Reviews & Testimonials

"Allure has given me a whole new look without going under the knife."

Kam | Magic Lift (Non-Surgical Face Lift)


""I look 15 years younger!""

Collette | Magic Lift (Non-Surgical Face Lift)