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For over two decades, Allure Medical has set the standard for aesthetic excellence and uncompromising care. 

Our compassionate team of experts spare no effort in helping clients look and feel their best in our Spartanburg, South Carolina clinic. We combine cutting-edge technology with precision techniques to reveal your inner confidence.

Our laser hair removal service eliminates unwanted hair safely and effectively. Using advanced Dynamis lasers, we customize every treatment to match each client’s unique needs and goals. Under the expertise of Dr. Charles Mok, our experienced cosmetic physician, every step feels tailored just for you.

We know no two clients have the same desires. That’s why we crafted our laser hair removal offering to be as versatile as the dynamic people of Spartanburg. Meet with our specialists to design a plan that transforms your skin’s texture and your self-assurance. Discover for yourself why so many trust Allure Medical to help them achieve the look they deserve.

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Spartanburg: The Vibrant Heart of South Carolina

Known as the Hub City for the railroad lines that once converged upon it, Spartanburg stands today as a thriving epicenter connecting South Carolina’s storied past to its promising future. Anchored by colleges and cultural hubs yet surrounded by natural splendor, the city and its 200,000 residents enjoy an unparalleled quality of life.

Spartanburg lures visitors with its blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities. One can spend an afternoon browsing the 350 vendor stalls at the weekly Saturday market before an evening show at the Chapman Cultural Center’s performance venues. Or grab lunch in the chic downtown Morgan Square, followed by hiking amid the waterfalls and shoals of the Cottonwood Trail.

New dining and shopping options seem to open daily, but Spartanburg still remains affordable and brimming with Southern hospitality. It’s no wonder people are flocking here from across the region!

Those residing in Spartanburg’s historic in-town neighborhoods can walk from their charming Craftsman bungalows or Queen Anne Victorians to our sleek new Allure Medical office in just minutes. Suburban dwellers appreciate our location right off I-85 for stress-free access.

With our warm, welcoming environment and dedication to exceptional client experiences, Allure Medical aligns seamlessly with Spartanburg’s special brand of charm.

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The Allure Difference: Why Our Laser Hair Removal Stands Apart

At Allure Medical, laser hair removal isn’t just a service we provide; it’s an art form we’ve spent decades perfecting. We exclusively utilize cutting-edge Fotona Dynamis lasers to achieve optimal results tailored to your unique needs.

This dynamic system features several specialized handpieces, allowing us to customize treatment based on your skin tone, hair color and texture, sensitivity, and area of the body being addressed. We can toggle wavelengths, beam diameters, pulse durations and more to maximize hair removal while safeguarding your skin.

Our multiple device configurations and clinical expertise also enable us to treat more complex cases that other providers may turn away. From light blond and red hair to darker skin types prone to pigmentation changes, we welcome all candidates interested in exploring laser hair removal.

Built-in cooling technology in our Dynamis lasers helps prevent thermal injury to skin during treatments for reduced discomfort. We also offer topical numbing creams or even local nerve blocks for high tolerance patients concerned about pain. Our goal is keeping you comfortable throughout the process.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Before starting laser hair removal treatments, we ensure patients know precisely what to expect. This begins with a thorough consultation covering your medical history, hair removal goals, lifestyle factors, and any conditions that may influence results.

Our Spartanburg providers assess your current…

  • hair growth patterns, 
  • skin type, 
  • pain tolerance 

…and determine the optimal settings and protocol for permanent hair reduction. We utilize advanced visualization aids to set accurate expectations regarding the number of treatments needed based on body area.

Those planning a series of full Brazilian or leg laser sessions sometimes take oral medications in advance to minimize discomfort during energy application to sensitive regions. Avoiding sun exposure and tanning beds for 4-6 weeks pre-and-post treatment prevents complications.

Ideally, hair should be shaved 24 hours prior to appointments so follicles targeted are in the early anagen growth phase. This also allows the laser optimal access to the root structures. Some medications like accutane may be temporarily discontinued if indicated to prevent side effects.

The Laser Hair Removal Process from Start to Finish

When patients arrive for their laser hair removal treatment we ensure maximum comfort and safety from start to finish. Our streamlined process efficiently eliminates unwanted hair while making the procedure as pleasant as possible. 

Ahead we outline exactly what occurs throughout a standard treatment:

Initial ConsultationA thorough consultation is conducted to discuss medical history, hair removal goals, lifestyle factors, and conditions that may affect results.
AssessmentOur providers assess hair growth patterns, skin type, pain tolerance, and determine optimal settings for permanent hair reduction.
Visualization AidsAdvanced aids are used to set expectations about the number of treatments needed for different body areas.
Medication (if applicable)Oral medications may be taken in advance to minimize discomfort during treatment, especially for full Brazilian or leg sessions.
Sun ExposurePatients should avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for 4-6 weeks before and after treatment to prevent complications.
Pre-Appointment PreparationHair should be shaved 24 hours prior to the appointment to ensure follicles are in the anagen growth phase, allowing optimal laser access to the root structures.
Medication AdjustmentsSome medications, such as Accutane, may be temporarily discontinued to prevent side effects during laser treatment.

Unparalleled Laser Hair Removal Results

Within two weeks of your first laser session, most hair on the treated area falls out easily. Skin feels smooth and stubble-free. Remaining hairs regrow slower, thinner and lighter after each successive appointment. 

Most achieve complete clearance or only occasional stray hairs requiring touch-up after just 3-5 treatments.

On smaller areas like the upper lip or chin, patients enjoy permanent hair reduction after only a couple laser sessions. Larger zones with more hair follicles like the legs or back require more repeat exposures but produce the same phenomenal reductions overtime.

Some experience localized redness, swelling and tenderness for several days post-laser but this resolves quickly. When performed by our seasoned technicians, side effects remain minimal. Strictly following our provided aftercare instructions reduces the risk of pigment changes or other complications substantially.

The results leave our Spartanburg laser hair removal patients feeling confident and carefree. No more painful waxing or tiresome shaving routines required! Just smooth, sexy skin that’s beach and fashion-ready year-round.

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