Keloids and Other Scar Treatment

Treatment for Keloids and Other Scars

Keloids are formed when extra scar tissue grows over and around an existing injury or scar. They are usually not harmful to your health at all, although they can be very itchy. They may also cause discomfort if they rub against clothing or shoes. Other scars can be caused by injury, surgical incisions, illnesses such as chicken pox, skin conditions such as acne, or burns.

What are the symptoms?

A keloid can be flesh-colored, red or pink, or lighter or darker than your skin tone. It’s more likely to be darkly pigmented if it was exposed to sunlight shortly after forming. Keloids are almost always located over the site of a former skin injury or trauma. They are usually smooth, but may be lumpy, and they will occasionally be tender or itchy.

How are they treated?

There are many options for treating scars and keloids on the skin to minimize and in some cases even eliminate their appearance, ranging from corticosteroid injections to cryotherapy to laser treatment to surgical removal.

Rashes due to viral illnesses are common in children. Many times an exact cause is difficult to determine but oftentimes treatment can help alleviate the symptoms.

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