Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
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Brazilian Butt Lift in Michigan

If you have been thinking you’d look more attractive with a fuller buttocks, and have a fairly stable weight, you my be a great candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. This procedure can achieve a fuller, more voluptuous looking buttocks by transferring fat from one area of your body to your butt.

How does it work?

You fat is removed in a precise specialized way form areas you’d be happy to lose a little fat. It is done with a tiny tube under light suction. The area is numb and you are usually asleep (sedated). The fat is processed and then injected with a little device into the butt. There is essentially no significant scar, as only a little tiny hole is made to inject the fat about the size of a needle that draws blood.

It is a bit more complicated than that, so you can skip this part or read on. The fat is removed by micro liposuction (lip done with a small cannula) and separated in some fashion from the numbing fluid, non-fat tissues and anything else. It is then transferred sterilely to small syringes with another cannula that is even tinier. The area of the butt to be lifted is numbed up, and the fat is threaded into the buttocks in multiple layers. It doesn’t work if it is simply injected, so it is more or less threaded. The fat gets a blood supply from the surrounding tissues and becomes part of the new area.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery before and after image to show how fat is transferred from the abdomen region to the buttocks

How long does it last?

Forever. You’ll know your final results in a few months. There is swelling at first, not a lot, but that is not the final result. Then the fat is part of you. Gain weight and it will get bigger, lose weight and it will get smaller.

Should I gain weight before the procedure?

No, you should do the Brazilian butt lift when you are at the weight you plan to stay at. Fat cells grow and shrink. So if you gain weight before surgery, do the butt lift, and then lose weight, your butt enlargement will shrink with the rest of you.

How big can I make my butt?

Mother nature limits what can be done. If you have a fuller figure, you have more fat to transfer, and if you are petite, there is little fat to transfer. Also, based on the size of your rear end, only so much fat will fit at one time.

Does it have to be done again?

Usually it is a one-time procedure. But, for a bigger butt it can be repeated.

How much time off work will I need?

3-5 days.

Can I sit on it after?

Yes. No special care is needed after a Brazilian butt lift. We will give you a compression garment to wear for a week or so, then it is mild support such as Spanx for 2-3 more weeks.

What are my other options?

There is a butt implant. These are for people who do not have enough fat to transfer. They are unpopular because of significant risks. Some people are also injecting various things that are not designed for enlarging the butt. Horrible side effects can occur from these injections. Until something safe comes along, do not inject your butt with so called butt fillers.

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