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At Allure Medical in Clarkston, our aesthetic professionals quickly stand out as providers of the most advanced and natural-looking Botox injections in the area. Led by renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Charles Mok, our highly experienced team understands that every face is unique. 

Moreover, we always treat our customers like family. As such, we always listen closely to your aesthetic goals and develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve the look you’ve always desired. 

This combination is one of the recipes for our continued success. With over 200,000 successful treatments performed, including more than just Botox, you can feel assured you’re in qualified hands with Allure Medical.

Clarkston’s Hidden Aesthetic Gem: Botox at Allure Medical 

Surrounded by shimmering lakes and tranquil parks, the City of the Village of Clarkston exudes historic elegance. Nearby Clinton River, Deer Lake, and parks reflect the area’s natural beauty – an aspect we always aim to bring out in our clients. 

Our office is conveniently situated right along the Dixie Highway. This prime location places us within a hub of complementary health and wellness businesses like the Pines of Clarkston and Deer Lake Athletic Club. Customers can easily access our medspa while running other errands along the bustling Dixie Highway corridor. 

Our building fits right in with the trademark laidback vibe here – attractive neighborhoods with historic homes, bits of farmland, and charming local spots. Our expert Botox injections are just the same – tailored to complement your unique looks. 

Our precision technique means that Botox also blends with your natural beauty, smoothing lines and playing up your best features for that gorgeous, irresistible outcome.

When you’re ready to flaunt your radiant complexion, we’re just a quick 4-minute drive from downtown Clarkston, where you can enjoy the town’s chill atmosphere with newfound confidence! You will see noticeable results as early as Day 5.

We carefully assess your entire facial structure while listening to your cosmetic goals. By understanding and blending them with our extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, we create a customized Botox treatment plan tailored just for you.

Ready to reveal your most refreshed, vibrant look yet? Meet with our professionals now! Discover how truly transformative Botox can be with the Allure Medical touch. 

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Experience the Allure Difference  With Our Advanced Botox Techniques 

What sets Allure Medical apart is our devotion to patients as partners, not just clients. We get to know you, your lifestyle, and your wellness goals. 

Together with our advanced techniques, we can seamlessly lift your brows, smooth frown lines between your eyes, reduce crow’s feet, slim your jawline, or lift your tipping corners. 

But our goal is never to freeze your face. We want you looking like yourself—just more refreshed and glowing.

At your consultation, our expert injectors will determine precisely where Botox can relax lines, reduce wrinkles, and gently lift sagging skin. With selective placement and expert precision, we enhance your most beautiful assets while maintaining your facial expressions.

How We Prepare You for Your Botox Procedure in Clarkston, MI

Before your treatment, we provide detailed instructions to prep for your Botox injections. This includes guidelines on medications, skincare, and other factors that ensure you heal quickly.

Certain over-the-counter pain relievers and supplements need to be avoided for 2 weeks pre-treatment, as they can increase bruising. We also advise avoiding alcohol for 24 hours before your Botox appointment.

Our team will let you know if we recommend stopping any prescription medications temporarily. For your comfort, taking Tylenol an hour before injections can minimize discomfort. We suggest arriving with a cleanly washed face and removing lotions, creams, and cosmetics.

What to Expect During Your Botox Injection Recovery

Most patients experience minimal downtime after our expert Botox injections. You can resume normal activities immediately, though strenuous exercise should be avoided for 24 hours. Some temporary redness, swelling, or bruising may occur at injection sites. This usually resolves within a few days.

We advise keeping your head elevated and avoiding massaging or manipulating the treated areas for 3-4 hours post-treatment. Staying well-hydrated helps minimize potential side effects. 

It takes 5-7 days to start seeing Botox results. Full effects become visible within 1-2 weeks as your facial muscles gradually relax. While Botox effects last 3-4 months, touch-up appointments help maintain your smooth, youthful look.

Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Botox

Botox injections are very low risk, especially when performed by our expert injectors. Side effects like pain, swelling, and bruising are usually temporary. In rare cases, a headache may occur after treatment.

With millions of Botox procedures performed yearly, serious complications are extremely uncommon. However, there is a small risk of drooping eyelids or asymmetric facial expressions if Botox spreads. Rest assured that our precise technique minimizes these risks.

The benefits include smoothing fine lines on the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes. Botox can also lift the corners of the mouth, soften jaw and neck wrinkles, and slim jowls. Results can last 3-4 months with continued treatments.

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How long do Botox results last?

Botox results typically last 3-6 months. The effects start to wear off around 3-4 months, which is a good time to schedule follow-up appointments every 3-4 months to maintain results. Duration can vary by individual.

Does Botox hurt?

Our trained injectors apply Botox quickly and precisely with very fine needles. Most patients experience minimal to no pain, just slight discomfort or a pinching sensation during the short injections. We provide numbing cream beforehand or chilled air during treatment to maximize comfort if needed.

When will I see Botox results?

You may notice some initial subtle changes in treated muscles in 1-3 days. However, it takes 7-14 days to see the full Botox results emerge as muscles gradually relax. We offer touch-ups 2 weeks after initial treatment to optimize wrinkle reduction

How much does Botox cost in Clarkston, Michigan?

The cost of Botox injections in Clarkston depends on the number of units required to achieve the desired aesthetic goals. On average, Botox costs $9-$15 per unit in the area

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