Is Wegovy Weight Loss Drug Really Better than the Generic Brands?

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Newest Weight Loss Drug Approved By The FDA Costing $1,349 A Month Appears To Work At Least As Good As A Safe Generic Drug

Everyone wants an easy way to lose weight fast and reap the benefits of living a better and healthier lifestyle. Of course, with a well-balanced diet and a strict exercise routine, you could easily achieve that goal. However, for the average working person, time is easily one of the biggest factors that can play a role in keeping on weight and making bad eating habits.

Well, what if I told you there was a simple way to fix that problem?

Wegovy  is the newest FDA approved weight loss shot that hit the market in Summer of 2021 that has the most weight loss results than any of its kind. It was trialed within a 68-week period, that put people on the range of around 38 BMI, on a low-calorie diet, with 150 minutes of minimal exercise per week. In translation that is around 30 minutes of physical activity, like walking, over a 5-day period. Results showed that they had lost around 35 pounds, and 15% of their body weight, without any hassle!

On the controlled end, a placebo group that was not given the drug, but still on the same low calorie and exercise regime, was also tested. Their results were only around 5 pounds and a body weight loss of 2.4%.

A huge win for  Wegovy , if you ask me.

So, how much is this miracle shot?

The cost of Wegovy is $1,349 per month. A big price that is proven to show big results.

However, I get it. Who has that kind of money per month to spend it all on a shot?

Luckily enough, I have great news for you.  Wegovy is what we call a GLP-1 agonist, it promotes insulin release, and a feeling of satiety. Another common drug with the same GLP-1 agonist that has been on the market for the last 50 years, is the generic pill, Metformin.

But what does a diabetic drug have to do with anything, you ask?

Well, if a drug with the same GLP-1 agonist can cause significant weight loss, why wouldn’t the other be able to as well?

That is why a study was performed with patients using the active drug of Metformin for 6 months, with a dosage of 1500 mg to 2500 mg based on their weight, and the results were astounding. They had experienced a substantial weight loss of 13 pounds and 5.6% of their body weight, with zero diet and exercise! And the control group, given no drug, actually gained 4.8% of their body weight.

So, with the factors from both studies, the people on Wegovy lost twice as much than the people on Metformin. However, the Metformin study was through a 6-month period, and the Wegovy study was just above a year.

And I know what you’re thinking, why would I take a drug meant for diabetes if I don’t have it?

Well here’s a few facts, in 2017 a study looked into rates of ARC (age related complications) of men with diabetes, and men without, and what they found was that Metformin had a 34% reduction in all-cause mortality. Another trial, TAME (Targeting age by Metformin) was performed under a 6-year trial with 14 different research institutions that proved a substantial reduction in cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, as well as a better survival rate and neurocognitive decline.

In theory, not only can Metformin be used as a diabetic pill, but it also could be used as a great alternative for weight loss, and to improve your overall mortality!

In comparison, Wegovy was proved to have the better results but with a price tag of nearly $1350 a month, and the long-term use of it, it could definitely put you in a financially compromising state. However, with Metformin showing a smaller overall result, it is definitely the most cost-efficient option, as a prescription for it is only a couple of bucks compared to the ladder with a safer track record.

It should be said that by no means are we trying to persuade you into going on Metformin. However, if you are thinking of taking on a weight loss drug, it is best to know the other cheaper, and better efficient options out there.

So, wherever you are in your weight loss journey make sure you are researching all the necessary and possible choices, that will give you best results in the safest way possible.


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