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Most women choose to get breast implants with the goal of increasing the size of their breasts. Deciding exactly how much to increase the size can be a complex process: the majority of women want to see a significant increase in size while also appearing natural, although some do prefer a more obviously enhanced look. Many considerations, including body type and personal preference, should be taken into account when determining the right cup size for your body. Your doctor will determine what is best.

About Implant Sizing

Determining the Right Cup SizeBreast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc). Implants are various sizes, starting at 280 ccs, all the way up to 500 ccs or over. Every 150-200 ccs corresponds to 1 – 1.5 cup sizes.

In addition to the volume of the implant, implants come in different shapes that can affect how the breast appears after surgery. Some women prefer an implant with a higher profile, which makes it possible to fit more volume into a smaller width, while others prefer a more moderate profile. Higher profile implants make the breasts stick out more, while moderate profile implants come out further at the sides.

Sizing Considerations

Your body type and other factors should be taken into account when determining the right implant size. Some important things to consider include:

Frame size

Women with a medium or large frame may prefer to have larger implants so that their breasts are more in proportion with their body, while more petite women may stick to smaller sizes. For example, a D cup will look much larger on a short, thin woman with a small frame than on a tall woman with a large frame.

Breast size

The skin and breast tissue can only accommodate so much augmentation. Implants that are too large for the breasts increase the chances of complications, and will not look natural. For example, it is unrealistic for a woman with hardly any breast tissue (for example, AA cup) to move up to a D cup with implants.

Breast diameter

Your doctor will measure the diameter of your breasts, which will determine the maximum width of the implants. Women with a smaller breast diameter will need to choose between a higher volume with higher profile implants, or a lower volume with moderate profile implants.

Future tissue loss

For women with moderate sized breasts, the presence of implants may cause the loss of breast tissue in the range of about 10% within the first year. If you are torn between two similar sizes, this fact may mean that it’s best to choose the larger size.


If you are involved in an activity like tennis or yoga, very large breasts may be impractical.

How to Decide What Cup Size Is Right For You

Breast augmentation should give results that you’re satisfied with for years to come, so your doctor will give you the tools you need to make an informed decision. We have an excellent 3D Simulation tool that can be very helpful in giving you an understanding of how different size options apply to different body types.

Contact Allure Medical today to set up a free consultation to discuss what options and sizes are best for you and your body. After your consultation, you can take some time to think, ask friends or family for their opinion, and speak with your doctor before making a final decision.

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