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Younger looking hands in 3 steps

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The hands are often overlooked body parts when it comes to cosmetic medicine.  Usually, the body and the face get all the attention.  But when it comes to how we interact with others and how we are perceived, the hands provide crucial age cues. A smoother, even-toned hand looks younger and more healthy.  And if a person has had cosmetic facial procedures, the hand may be left behind, creating a mismatch.

What is there to do for hand rejuvenation?  In the next few weeks, you’ll find the keys to hand beauty here on Allure Medical Blog, in 3 steps.

Obviously, a good moisturizer, preferably with a vitamin C component and definitely a good sunblock is a great start.  We often forget to protect our hands from the damaging sun rays while we slather our faces.  What next?

Step 1: Treat hand veins with sclerotherapy

Hand veins can become twisty and bulging, just like varicose leg veins.  These veins make the hands look older and less attractive.  Luckily they can be treated with injections of a solution that shrinks them safely.  Sometimes more than one treatment is needed, and there can be mild soreness and swelling for several days after the treatment.  If they are wrapped with gauze or an ace bandage after injections for 2 days, the results tend to be better.  Once in a while there are some lumpy areas after the injection that go away by themselves or with the next treatment.

Step 2: Increase the volume