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How a tiny pellet could hold the answers to a better life before and after menopause 

by Dr. Charles Mok


On November 5, 2016, USA Today published an article by Elizabeth Moore Armstrong, stating that sexual function remains important to more than 75% of middle aged women.

A long-term study, called “SWAN” (Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation) looked at various features in women as they advance in age.  The study included the evaluation of responses from 1,390 women aged 42 to 52 who were not using hormone therapy and both their thoughts and timing about declining sexual functioning.

What was found was that sexual function tied to the changes that occur in women’s reproductive system.  In 2004 Bayer labs attempted to get testosterone patches approved for women’s sexual function and were turned down.  Many on the panel felt that women’s sexual health lacked clinical meaningfulness.  Other medical societies denied that it even exists.

In the SWAN study, there was noted a clear link between decline in sexual functioning and the cessation of menstrual periods.  Almost two years before the onset of menopause, women begin to experience decreased sexual functioning.  And the decline continued for the multiple years in the study’s duration.  In fact, for women who underwent a hysterectomy, the decline in sexual funcitong was much more abrupt.

Unlike the various medical societies, the FDA advisory panelists and others, this study found that sexual functioning is important and meaningful to the majority of women.

In December 2016, I will be releasing my first book, titled Testosterone:  Strong Enough for a Man, But Made for a Woman.  In this book, I review not only how sexual function can be restored with testosterone replacement, but also how testosterone itself is a vital and important hormone for women of every age.  Testosterone production drops slowly as women age, and more abruptly after a surgical hysterectomy.

Testosterone improves arousal, desire, sensitivity and frequency of sexual activity.  And, testosterone does this while reducing the risk of breast cancer, benefitting weight maintenance or weight loss, preserving lean muscle and bone mass and favors cardio protection.

The book outlines the struggles that health care practitioners have had with both government and old-fashioned medical societies for this important aspect of women’s health.

For men, sexual health was felt to be of utmost importance.  This can be witnessed in the nearly record-breaking speed of FDA approval for Viagra® for erectile dysfunction.

In the case of women, the FDA turned down attempts for testosterone use in decreased sexual function, citing lack of long-term studies for safety (despite numerous attempts).  Some members felt that a woman’s sexual function lacks clinical meaningfulness.  One of the board members was quoted in the New York Times stating that basically he didn’t want to expose millions of women to testosterone replacement just do they could have more sex.

Fortunately, things have changed.  More and more women are not accepting the old school medical myth that sex isn’t important.  They want to maintain sexual desire.  Testosterone replacement comes in the form of a tiny pellet that is inserted just under the skin and lasts for months.  This is made by an FDA-approved facility, and is placed with a local anesthetic at your doctor’s office.

The testosterone pellet not only improves sexual function, it also improves hot flashes, sweating, sleep problems, memory, fatigue, moodiness, irritability, anxiety, muscle soreness/pain, loss of thickness of scalp hair, mental fogginess and bone mineral density.  And testosterone replacement is free of any serious adverse drug effects.

If you think testosterone replacement may be helpful to you, the process starts with a simple questionnaire and some basic blood work.   Call 586-992-8300 to schedule an appointment with Allure.