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What Makes This Green Smoothie Bowl So Green?

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Smoothie Bowl Recipe:

1 teaspoon of Spirulina

1 ½ unsweetened almond milk

1-cup blueberries (Preference Choice Frozen)

1-cup pineapple

Clean Eating

With the increasing need to eat clean in recent years, various new foods have become popular as a result of the “eat clean” movement. It’s about getting rid of processed foods and replacing them with healthy, natural and whole foods. The topic of discussion today is spirulina and how this green substance can aid in your efforts to eat clean.

We need to focus on consuming foods with many health benefits compared to eating for convenience or rushing to processed food when you are in a hurry. It just so happens that Spirulina has numerous health benefits that will serve to nourish your body even on the go.

What is Spirulina?

It might come as a surprise to learn that spirulina is simply the very algae that is found on the top of a pond, the same algae that you might have viewed as pond scum and that may have turned you off. However, this substance is safe to eat when it is well prepared and served in its final form as Spirulina.

It is a spiral-shaped algae that has a dark blue-green color. After it’s harvested and prepared, it is loaded with healthy proteins. It is a freshwater plant that is now one of the most researched superfoods today. Together with its cousin, chlorella, it is intense in its flavor and has a very powerful nutritional profile. It is grown all over the world from Africa to Mexico and even Hawaii.

Proven Spirulina Benefits

Decreases Yeast Infections & Promotes Healthy Intestinal Bacterial

According to researchers in an article in the Journal of Medical Microbiology, candida species are microbiota that are found in a person’s gastrointestinal tract, mucosal oral cavity, and vagina. Due to our shift to a diet rich in unnatural ingredients and sugar, there has been an increase in antimicrobial resistance as well as antifungal drugs proving ineffective. This has lead to a significant increase in yeast infections in the last four decades.

Luckily, spirulina can help! Various animal studies have shown that Spirulina is effective as an anti-microbial agent, especially for candida. Spirulina is able to help the body eliminate candida cells as well as create a growth of healthy intestinal bacterial flora that inhibits the thriving of candida.

Strengthens the Immune Response

For a long time now, spirulina has been admired due to its great ability to strengthen a person’s immune system. This is because it actively works to promote cell regeneration. It is also known to heal wounds quicker, making recovery from sickness much faster. It also fortifies an individual’s immune system making the person less likely to experience contractible illnesses such as flus and colds.

Detoxes Heavy Metals like Arsenic

According to the World Health Organization, chronic arsenic toxicity is a major problem that affects all people globally. In the United States, inorganic arsenic is present naturally at high levels. It is even a bigger problem far east where millions of people in India, China, Taiwan, and Bangladesh are consuming high levels of arsenic through drinking water. A large number have already developed chronic arsenic poisoning. In Bangladesh, 3% of the population of the country have already shown clinical symptoms and signs of arsenic poisoning. Researchers from Bangladesh have pointed out that no specific treatment for Arsenic exists and this is the reason why they have pursued favorable alternatives like spirulina.

Keeps Your Eyes Sharp

For those looking to improve their eye health, Spirulina is a great supplement. It is very rich in Vitamin A, which is exceptionally essential for healthy eyes. It is for this same reason that the consumption of carrots has for a long time been recommended for those that are looking to improve their eye health. The interesting fact about Spirulina is that it contains 10 times the Vitamin A concentration in carrots gram per gram.

Spirulina Sum Up

This blue-green algae eases the passage of waste through a person’s digestive system in the process reducing the stress on the entire digestive system. It also enhances the healthy bacteria in the digestive system as well as enhancing dietary nutrient absorption.

There are many other health benefits of spirulina that are essential to the human body. It is a great food to add into your diet for the eating clean and for any individual who is health conscious.

Shana Loggins
Nutritionist at Allure Medical