Why Should I Trust Allure Medical?

Why Should I Trust Allure Medical?

I want to answer a question that comes up once in a while—"Why trust Allure Medical?”.

There a lot of ways to answer, and I want to make this crystal clear. Because of my personal feelings, if you have symptomatic venous insufficiency, symptomatic veins, discoloration or you’re getting sores, you need treatment. I don’t care who does the treatment, but it needs to be done with a non-surgical procedure, and as safely as possible. The medical provider should perform the procedure as safely as possible, and they should be very experienced.

From a business standpoint, Allure Medical has experience treating more than 200,000 cases. I’ve either performed the procedures myself, or have supervised them. While I no longer see patients, I run more of the business and clinical side of my practice.

My real concern is the fact that too many patients that have venous insufficiency go on to get venous ulceration, blood clots, or chronic skin changes. My best advice is to not let it go just because you’re not ready to make a move. That is something we’re very passionate about here at Allure Medical-getting rid of venous insufficiency, and saving healthcare billions of dollars a year by not wasting money on old-fashioned treatments.

We do things the right way. I hope you come to trust us.

For your free leg vein screening, give us a call at Allure Medical, at 866-212-8690, or for more information, click here.