Why Haven’t I Heard of Vein Disease?

Why Haven’t I Heard of Vein Disease?

Many other questions we hear at Allure Medical from our patients are: “If this treatment for veins is so obvious, and you are experts at these procedures, why haven’t I heard about them before?”, “Why hasn’t my doctor talked to me about this already?” “Why have I been living with this condition?”.

All great questions.

We’ve known about venous disease for hundreds of years, and some of the original treatments were invented in the 1800’s. Doctors used something called “Unna” boots to treat ulcers in the legs and feet. In fact, people still use them today-which is nuts! Through the years, surgical procedures would literally cut the vein out with anesthesia. Doctors were in a pattern of not wanting to treat this condition because their methods didn’t work very well. Now, with modern surgical treatments, we can reroute the blood in the legs, and improve your circulation right away without the risk of surgery.

One reason why not many people have heard about more advanced treatments, is that these procedures are relatively new. A lot of doctors went to medical school more than a decade ago, they did their training, then went into practice when vein treatment wasn’t very typical. In the last 5-10 years, it’s become more common.

For us in the vein business, we feel this kind of treatment has been around a long time, so we wonder why not more people who suffer from vein disease have heard about it. At Allure Medical,we spend a lot of time finding liaisons or representatives of our company to train doctors, residents and even medical students about venous disease. Education is a very important issue, and it’s something we’re continuously working on to improve. What’s surprising, is this procedure has been covered by insurance for quite awhile, yet a lot of people haven’t heard about it yet.

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