When Will My Legs Feel Better?

When Will My Legs Feel Better?

I want to answer a question that comes up a lot from our patients. That is “When will my legs feel better?”. Typically, the symptoms you initially came into Allure Medical for will get better quickly, maybe even within a day or so. There might be some discomfort associated with your treatment that could be a little aggravating, like some swelling, tenderness, or aching. These conditions are not usually significant.

What we’re dealing with is circulation that’s not proper. The treatment gets rid of the veins that are damaged, and your body kind of reroutes. This doesn’t happen instantly, but it’s a pretty quick process. If you perhaps need three treatments on one leg, we should expect that a month or two after the third treatment, your symptoms are mostly gone, or gone altogether.

If you have mild to moderate symptoms, you’ll feel better quickly, but if you have substantial symptoms, it may take a little longer for you to heal. If you have lumps related to the procedure, or soreness in spots, your recovery may be slower.

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