What If I'm Afraid of Needles?

What If I'm Afraid of Needles?

I want to address something that we’re very sensitive to here at Allure Medical,and that’s fear. Lots of patients we see are fearful of what to expect during their procedure—whether it’s fear of the procedure itself, fear of needles, or fear of whether your insurance will cover it.

First, during the initial screening-which there isno charge-we’ll examine your legs. There is no pain associated with the screening, it’s simply a determination of your condition. Next, we’ll perform an ultrasound that uses sound waves to give us a diagnosis. This is also painless, and lets us know what’s going on with the circulation in your legs.

If the patient moves forward with vein treatment, we like for them to know what to expect. The procedure does use a needle, and while some patients don’t mind, others have a fear of being poked. We can help manage that fear with different techniques we use to make you feel more at ease. We will advise you to look away from the needle as the procedure begins, and we’ll also let you know right before the needle is inserted so you can be prepared. We may also squeeze the area that’s being injected to alleviate any other potential pain.

Some of the procedures can be done with a single needle poke for the anesthetic, however, some may require several. It’s a very good idea to let your provider know where you stand on pain tolerance so they can gauge your level of comfort. Everyone is different, and we want to make it as comfortable as possible for our patients.

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