Is Vein Treatment Safe?

Is Vein Treatment Safe?

Another question we get from our patients at Allure Medical is “Is it safe?”First of all, if left alone and untreated, venous insufficiency with a circulation problem gets worse over time. In fact, if you have symptoms or discoloration, it gets worse at 4% per year possible blood clots and ulceration. It also can become very advanced with wounds on the ankles.

There’s a good reason to treat your symptoms. On the flip side, you may be wondering if it’s safe to treat in the first place. These procedures have been around for more than fifteen years, and are approved by the FDA. There’s no cutting, no anesthesia, and absolutely no reason to be hospitalized. It’s extremely safe treatment,

I’ve either performed or supervised more than 200,000 of these procedures, so we’ve had an enormous amount of experience, and we have an amazing track record. All of our doctors and health care providers are trained extensively. We use vascular technicians during your exam to check your legs and your circulation. You’re in very good hands.

Regardless if you come to see us at Allure Medical or you choose to go elsewhere, this is a very safe procedure, and it’s been proven to beat the alternative-which is leaving your legs untreated-every time.

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