Is Vein Treatment Painful?

Is Vein Treatment Painful?

The subject of pain is often a concern when considering vein treatment. At Allure Medical, with the procedures themselves, we use a numbing solution so most cannot feel anything during the treatment. You may experience a small amount of pressure or minor discomfort with the needle poke but our providers are trained to make this as minimal as possible.

Following your treatment, expect the numbing solution to wear off in 8-18 hours. After that you may feel some slight soreness or dull aching in your treated leg. About 90% of our patients will not need to take any Advil or Tylenol after their treatment and can even return to work or their daily activities right away.

Some patients like to wear compression stockings and we encourage most patients to take frequent walks to keep their blood circulating through their treated leg(s). These practices can help with the healing process.

In conclusion, vein treatment is not 100% pain-free, but it's very close to it. We can make a huge impact on those with vein disease and improve their quality of life with very little discomfort.

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