Is Vein Treatment Necessary?

Is Vein Treatment Necessary?

Other common questions I get from our patients at Allure Medicalis: “Why now?”“Should I treat my vein disease now, or should I wait?”.

If you have minor vein disease and you have a visible varicose vein you don’t like the appearance of, I’m here to tell you it’s only going to get worse over time. It would be a slow progression, and frankly, there is no urgency to have it treated.However, once you start getting symptoms, some quality-of-life issues such as pain. Discomfort, swelling. Restlessness or itching can occur. Now the condition will get worse at a much faster rate, and you’re just living with something that absolutely can be reversed if treated.

In my opinion, if you have symptoms-even more advanced symptoms-the greater the urgency. At about 4% per year, people with symptomatic vein disease get worse, and letting it go until you have a real problem is not a good idea. Blood clots, sores, and chronic skin changes can occur.

With minor veins-just cosmetic-there’s no hurry. Symptoms that are affecting your circulation and grabbing your attention should be treated right away.

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