How Many Vein Treatments Will I Need?

How Many Vein Treatments Will I Need?

Another common question I hear is about the commitment that needs to be made on the part of our patients, and if they need to keep coming back for the procedure for an extended period of time. That’s something we don’t have a definitive answer for, but I’ll try to sort it out for you.

Most patients we see at Allure Medical have significant circulation problems. They have symptoms like discoloration and big ropy veins, so it’s a bit more of a commitment than someone who has minor spider veins. But at the initial office, an ultrasound might be done the same day to detect the actual problem areas. A patient might have several problems in their legs that may require treatment on different days, or they might have only one issue that needs to be addressed, so it varies. Typically, we’ll see someone who has significant vein disease, and we’ll treat them over a period of about two months, with visits once or twice a week.

For patients with extensive disease, we’ll do a follow up a few months later to make sure the treatment was a success. In most cases, that will be the last time we need to see them, unless a problem comes up down the road. For some, we’ll need to see them every five to ten years if a vein opens up and needs to be treated again. That is relatively rare, so likely once the procedure is complete, this condition is gone either permanently, or for a very long time.

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