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Trust Your Gut Microbes

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Allure’s on staff Nutritionist, Shana Loggins, explains the benefits of good gut bacteria and how you can make more of it.


In order for the human body to grow and develop, nutrients are needed which are sourced from the food items consumed. The consumption of food is facilitated by the esophagus where food swallowed reaches the stomach for digestion. Thereafter, the food moves to the intestines (or gut) for absorption and the subsequent removal of waste material.


Notably, it is during the time when digested material is in the intestines that a significant amount of absorption takes place. For this reason, there is a considerable amount of blood vessels in the intestines which offer a suitable environment for both good and bad microbes. Microbes in the intestines have been found to be responsible for facilitating the optimal absorption of nutrients in the intestines. In contrast, they have also been proven to be responsible for the development of certain ailments as well as contribute to the gain (or loss) of body weight.

The development and sustenance of good microbes is significantly influenced by the intake of certain foods such as yogurt. Notably, in assisting in absorption of nutrients, good microbes also facilitate regular bowel movements which eliminate waste products from the body in form of stool. On the other hand, bad microbes can lead to the development of gut-oriented ailments such as sores on the lining of the intestines. As a result, this can lead to the establishment of numerous body ailments. With this in mind, an individual is encouraged to take food items which promote the growth of good microbes and make it less likely that bad microbes will be established.

Shana Loggins