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Trendy Through Time – How Beauty Has Changed

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They often say that fashion trends come back into style years after they were popular. So young girls often sift through their mom’s closet from high school and recycle old jeans and blouses to be “vintage.” The fashion, makeup, hair and style icons have changed from decade to decade, switching from a flapper-style in the 1920’s, to the swinging sixties, all the way to the 2000’s where people focused highly on designer brands. Yet, what remains consistent is that there are always a few style icons who have shaped the decade and continue to transform what is considered trendy and beautiful. From Coco Chanel to Jennifer Aniston, every decade has at least one trail-blazer when it comes to style.

In this timeline style infographic, we have taken a deeper look, from the 1920’s up to today, at who and what were considered trendy and beautiful. As we look to the future, beauty will continue to transform. Yet, Allure Medical is here to help bring out the beauty in you every day now, and into the future.

Trending Through Time Beauty Infographic