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Top 10 Acne Myths – The Real Truth

Mariana Atanasovski, M.D. Dermatology, Skin Care

When it comes to taking care of your skin, there are almost too many products, tips, suggestions, and DIY products to choose from. It can be overwhelming to decipher what is actually healthy for your skin and what can hurt your skin. What should you do when your acne flares up? Below is a list I have complied of the Top 10 Acne Myths including the do’s and don’ts for your skin.

From stress, to dirt, and fast food – these common acne-causing myths are de-bunked in the following resource. Learn how to better treat your skin, and consult our tea at Allure Dermatology for more information on creating glowing, healthy skin.

Top 10 Acne Myths by Allure Medical from Allure Medical