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The Power of the Pumpkin

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At Allure Medical, we love just about every fruit and vegetable on the market, but this time of year, there’s one pretty little plant we love more than any other at the market…

The Pumpkin!

Nice and round…uneven and lopsided…bright orange or snow white…we L-O-V-E pumpkins (and all squash for that matter) as they symbolize everything we appreciate about the fall season and Thanksgiving—they’re the perfect fall food! In addition to being stylish and delicious, pumpkins have one more thing going for them: They’re incredibly healthy.

Pumpkins are loaded with a number of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your overall health, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, potassium, copper, and iron. Perhaps most importantly, Pumpkins are LOADED with Vitamin C which helps your skin fight the effects of aging by warding off wrinkles and brown spots (which is why a number of skincare products actually include pumpkin or pumpkin extract).


Here are a few more reasons you should think about adding a little more pumpkin to your life…


It’s rich in antioxidants

And that’s a good thing. Antioxidants in pumpkin like alpha-carotene and beta-carotene help your body deal with (eliminate) free radicals which can cause stress—stress that is believed to be tied to a variety of illnesses, most notably cancer. And because free radicals help cancer cells grow and reproduce, the team at Allure Medical thinks adding a little antioxidant-rich pumpkin to your diet is a pretty smart idea.


It can help you lose weight

If you’ve ever held a pumpkin in your hands, you know it’s got quite a bit more weight than the average head of lettuce. That weight is a result of two things water and fiber, both of which help you curb your appetite.

As such, nutritionists consider pumpkin to be a nutrient-dense food (e.g. a food that’s low in calories but jam-packed with other kinds of nutritional value). Like we mentioned in our other article about pumpkin bread, pumpkin is 94% water and, a single cup of diced pumpkin only adds 50 calories to your daily caloric intake, making it a much healthier option than some of the other carb-filled vegetables out there like white rice or russet potatoes.


Pumpkin can help your heart

They say Valentine’s Day is the holiday of the heart, but maybe they should say that about Halloween instead, given that pumpkins are filled with lots of things your heart loves like potassium, a signature mineral for keeping blood pressure low.

And why is low blood pressure important? Because it keeps stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular diseases associated with age and obesity at bay.

Ready to become healthier than you’ve ever been?

If you’re ready to start becoming your best, healthiest self, adding more superfoods like pumpkin to your diet is only one step of many on the road to better living. The next step you should take involves reading one of Dr. Charles Mok’s many books on the subject of weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, and more.


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