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“Tea off” your New Year!

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A weight loss formula that’s completely natural, and free from side-effects?—It’s not too good to be true. Researchers have found evidence that green tea is a veritable superpower when it comes to shedding extra weight. So, if you already like the taste of green tea or drink it on a regular basis—nice job!—you’re well on your way to weight loss.

Here’s how it works…

Green tea contains fat-burning substances (like caffeine) which aid the body’s ability to lose weight. It also contains hormone activating substances like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that boost metabolism. (Pro-tip—if you’re already exercising regularly, amplify the fat-burning effects of your workout by drinking green tea before and after your workout.)Now, there are two types of green tea products available on the market:

  1. The first increases your energy and suppresses your appetite. (Pro-tip—Add a cup of green tea in the morning to ensure you have an energetic and enjoyable day, free from hunger pangs and unbearable food cravings.)
  2. The second type cleanses your body, and should be taken at night to help your body purge toxins accumulated during the course of the day.

The cleansing power of green tea is tremendous, and should not be overlooked. It can help you reduce bloating, avoid constipation, and attain that perfect shape you’ve been striving for. And, as you know, when you look better, you feel better too. But here’s the best part about green tea…

…It’s completely side-effect free.  A totally harmless, all-natural way of losing weight.


So, instead of taking any of the dangerous fat-burning supplements floating around on your local pharmacy or nutrition store shelves, why not go for the green tea? Not only does it taste great, but it can be taken as many times a day as you want! Stop settling for less in your weight loss goals, and start expecting more. Grab some green tea and enjoy a cup full of fat-blasting divinity. You’ll start to look younger, you’ll start to feel younger, and you’ll start giving your body the healthy cleanse it needs and deserves.Seriously, as green tea cleanses your body, you’ll start to sleep better. And the better you sleep, the better your metabolism performs, and the better your complexion looks. Try the green teas produced by Traditional Medicinals Organic, a brand known for working miracles by supercharging the body with powerful antioxidants.


Here’s to being fit, healthy, and staying in shape for 2018. Happy New Year to you!


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