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Diet and Hormones: Achieving Balance with the Right Foods

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Men's Health, Testosterone

When you’re hungry, you can only think of one thing: FOOD. FOOD. And more FOOD! You want to use that food to attack the hunger in your belly, but the problem is that food is going to attack a lot …

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Can Low Testosterone Lead to Early Death?

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Testosterone

When men think of lower testosterone, they typically think of things like a lower sex-drive, lower-energy, and a gradually thinning head of hair.  The one thing they don’t think of? Lower lifespans.  But according to researchers in Great Britain, a lower resistance to …

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Take Up Your Testosterone with Exercise

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Testosterone

Testosterone—men and women need it more than they know. As one of the body’s core hormones, testosterone is essential for the production of lean muscle mass and the maintenance of bone strength (an important note for older women who’re more likely …

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Grazing Versus Set Eating—What You Need to Know

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Men's Health, Nutrition, Testosterone

For decades, dieticians and nutritionists have been encouraging Americans to eat three square meals per day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and avoid snacking as a means of losing weight.   But now weight loss experts appear to be changing. Instead of encouraging people …

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Can Hormones Make You Fat?

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Testosterone, Testosterone Replacement, Uncategorized

Hormones are one of many chemical messengers the body uses to regulate its various processes. your mood to your hairline to your waistline Hormones are playing a bigger role than you think. For hormones to be most effective, they need …

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New Boston University Study Shows Long-Term Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Andrew Simon Uncategorized

In a new study, Boston University’s School of Medicine reports that long-term testosterone replacement therapy reduces mortality in men by up to 92 percent. Published on February 9, 2017 in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, this study followed …

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A Vicious Cycle: Low Testosterone and Weight Gain

Andrew Simon Articles, Fat and Cellulite, Healthy Living, Hormone Replacement, New Technology, Uncategorized

If your testosterone is low you’re going to get fat.   There’s been increasing understanding between the connection of low testosterone and weight gain. Questions have remained such as, “which came first, the low testosterone or the weight gain?”  It …

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Testosterone Blocks Breast Cancer — & Makes You Feel Great

Charles Mok, D.O. Hormone Replacement, Uncategorized

There is a natural decline of sex hormones as a woman ages. Testosterone is the dominant hormone in young healthy women and is five to 20 times more abundant than estrogen. Yet as women age and enter menopause we chose …

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Testosterone for Men: What the FDA Doesn’t Want You to Know About ‘Low T’ & Your Heart

Charles Mok, D.O. Hormone Replacement

By: Dr. Charles Mok, author of the highly anticipated book for men, If Your Testosterone is Low, You’re Gonna Get Fat. You probably remember the “Low T” public awareness campaign that was on the nightly news, sports broadcasts, and in …

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So, What Are Hormone Pellets?

Tiffany Wisnieski Healthy Living

At Allure, I get a lot of questions about hormone pellets and how they differ from more “traditional” methods of hormone replacement therapy. Historically we have offered creams, capsules and sublingual drops as delivery methods for bio-hormones. Over the past …

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