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Summer Skin Safety Tips

Mariana Atanasovski, M.D. Dermatology, Skin Care

Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and bask in the sun! It may seem like a perfect idea, just lying in the sun without a care in the world. Well, if you’re prepared and ready with the right skin safety tips and products, then go ahead and enjoy a carefree summer. Our skin is extremely important to us and it’s crucial that we learn to take care of it properly now and every day.

Did you know that SPF is actually a measure of how long it will take your skin to burn from UVB rays without using sunscreen? What about the level of SPF; do you know if it’s better to use 15, 50 or 100? Higher doesn’t always mean better for you. Understanding the importance of applying sunscreen and the right type of sunscreen can help keep your skin healthy and happy.

Not sure what type of SPF is right for you, or how often you should apply it? Don’t worry! Here is a quick reference to help you best protect your skin from the harsh rays of summer. So, go ahead and enjoy a summer of fun but be sure to practice our skin safety tips!

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