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Stop Worrying About Thinning Hair

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There are several treatment options you can start right now to keep— and in some cases regrow— your hair.  All you must do is be committed enough to try them.

The most obvious and most common treatment is, of course, topical minoxidil. More popularly known under the brand name Rogaine, topical minoxidil helps people keep and partially regrow their hair about 70% of the time. However, the use of minoxidil must be sustained without interruption for the results to last.

I always have my patients supplement any hair loss treatment with key vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal scalp health, including vitamin D, iron, zinc, and biotin. I also recommend the use of shampoos that block DHT as they have been shown to help improve hair health and growth.

After Rogaine, the next most popular treatment is a prescription pill blocking DHT production known as finasteride (released under the brand name Propecia). Unfortunately, finasteride can trigger some unpleasant side effects including premature ejaculation and a decreased libido.


However, the latest and greatest advancement in hair loss technology is the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to improve hair follicle growth.

By synthesizing your own blood in a special lab, dermatologists can extract certain growth factors from your DNA to help with hair follicle cycle signaling. These factors are then injected into areas of your scalp that are thinning. Below is the PRP process.


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