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Skin Feature: You + Eczema

Mariana Atanasovski, M.D. Articles, Dermatology, Skin Care

Winter is back! And your eczema might be too. Eczema is dry, itchy skin and often flares up seasonally. Eczema is common in children and the itching may be so intense that a child cannot sleep! This can lead to a cranky baby or a child with daytime sleepiness in school. Their school performance may even be negatively impacted by their skin condition. Babies are usually affected on their cheeks, elbows and knees while older children most commonly experience dry patches in their elbow and knee creases.

Luckily, most cases of eczema are easily treated. Moisturizers are a staple in the treatment of eczema and should be used at least daily- the greasier the moisturizer, the better! I recommend regular use of Eucerin or Aquaphor ointments in infants and CeraVe or Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream to all other patients. After bathing or showering is a great time to apply moisturizer, when your skin can best absorb it. If moisturizer is not helping, you may need a prescription medication that can shorten your flare up and help your symptoms. There are many types of medications that can help and your Dermatologist can help you develop an eczema treatment plan.

Eczema Skin Treatment

Because dry skin causes the skin barrier to be disrupted, skin infections are common. If you are developing crusts over the affected skin, have tenderness in the area, or have a fever, then you may also have a superimposed skin infection. You may need an antibiotic if this is the case.

Not all cases of eczema are straightforward, however. Many other skin conditions may resemble eczema so if your treatment is not working, you may need an expert opinion!

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