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EndoVenous Ablation Laser Therapy vs VNUS Closure

If you have varicose veins, most of the time an ultrasound will be performed to determine if there are hidden veins causing them.

If that is the case, we use EndoVenous Ablation Laser Therapy (EVLT or EVLA) to treat the hidden vein. The laser is placed through a tiny IV into the vein. Then, the vein is numbed up, and the laser eliminates the vein. This procedure is very easy to tolerate. Most people describe the procedure as being pain free, or causing very little discomfort.

VNUS Closure procedure is similar to the laser, but uses a different form of energy called radiofrequency.

Which one is better, EndoVenous Ablation Laser or VNUS Closure?

Dr. Mok performed a study on 100 patients who had varicose veins in both legs. On one leg we used the laser, and treated the other leg with VNUS. On the laser treated side, 100 of 100 had successful treatments. On the VNUS side, 97 out of 100 had successful treatments. All other aspects were the same (neither had much discomfort, etc). While we have both machines, we use the laser exclusively.

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