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Types of Vein Treatments

Allure Medical offers a wide range of treatments for those looking to get rid of their varicose veins and spider veins. These revolutionary treatments provide comfort from vein pain and an improved appearance. Below are details for each of the treatment options offered:


EVLT is an advanced varicose vein treatment procedure that permanently removes varicose veins by shrinking and collapsing them from view. An ultrasound is used to guide the laser fiber in order to perfectly position it near the malfunctioning valve. Read more about Endovenous Laser Ablation.


With the aid of an ultrasound, sclerotherapy uses injections to treat varicose veins. Here is how it works: prior to the treatment, an ultrasound maps the veins in your legs, giving one of our experienced surgeons the precise size, area and valves of each vein. From there, the surgeon injects medication directly into the veins, causing them to dissolve. The ultrasound guides the doctor through the procedure, and accurately identifies diseased veins under the skin.

The professionals at the Vein Center at Allure Medical monitor the injections and ensure optimal results. Sclerotherapy allows comfort for patients, who commonly report feeling little or no pain. Patients normally resume everyday activities immediately after concluding treatment. The quick turnaround is one major benefit of sclerotherapy, along with the permanent treatment of veins and prevention of diseases. To help aid in the recovery process, patients are required to wear compression socks, so that the veins are completely closed off.


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) treats varicose veins. During this procedure, the doctor inserts a catheter into the vein through a tiny nick in the skin. From there, radiofrequency energy heats and contracts collagen in the vein walls. The RFA procedure normally takes between 30-45 minutes, and patients will soon notice a shrinkage and dissolution of the vein walls and a decrease in overall vein pain. Afterwards, the body will redirect blood through healthier veins. RFA allows for a quick recovery, positive results and minimal pain. Patients will notice an improved appearance and see positive cosmetic results. While the veins will disappear within 10-14 days, it is important to monitor the new veins, which could become diseased.


For those looking to remove spider veins quickly, Allure Medical offers Sclerotherapy treatment for patients. Sclerotherapy is a popular procedure that involves injecting medication directly into the veins. The medication includes a chemical salt solution that causes the vein to swell, then close up. While it normally takes multiple treatments to achieve the desired results, patients experience little (if any) pain, and blood flows through healthy veins as previously affected veins dissolve.

While a patient may need multiple treatments, Sclerotherapy only takes about 15-30 minutes. Side effects may include itching and mild bruising, and compression socks are recommended after treatment, in order to ensure the vein closes properly. Led by Dr. Charles Mok, Allure Medical’s trained medical staff dedicates its time and talent to helping patients enhance their quality of life by eliminating any vein disorders.


Microphlebectomy is another mild treatment offered at Allure Medical’s Vein Center. This particular treatment starts with an examination and ultrasound to check out the veins. Doctors then administer a local anesthetic to ensure patients endure no pain or discomfort. The process itself takes about an hour.

The procedure allows for permanent removal of varicose veins, with little pain afterwards. Patients should expect about a one- to two-day recovery, and are required to wear compression socks for the first 48 hours. In the end, the patient sees excellent clinical and cosmetic results.

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