What is a Stem Cell? | Details and Differences | Allure | Allure Medical

What is a Stem Cell?

At its simplest form, a stem cell is defined as any cell that can differentiate and replicate. Not only does this mean that the cell can multiply, but also that it can turn into different types of tissues. At Allure, we mainly used stem cells derived from umbilical cords.

What Are Umbilical Stem Cells?

Umbilical stem cells are derived from the donated umbilical cord of healthy, live births. Once injected, the stem cells will attach to your cartilage and stimulate regeneration. Within the last 6 months, studies are showing that umbilical stem cells are found to be the most potent form, therefore working better and faster than any others. Everything is tested by FDA standards to ensure safety.

How Do We Get Stem Cells?