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Dermatology Services

Skin Cancer Screenings

It’s important to get your entire body scanned for skin cancer at least once a year — more if you have a family history of the disease or other risk factors. Screenings are a crucial step in discovering and treating skin cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages, and getting screened every year will help your doctor note any changes to your skin. Allure Medical offers total body screenings in a professional medical setting.

What can you expect?

With a total body skin exam, you will usually change into a medical gown first (leaving your undergarments on). You won’t see any needles or have any blood taken. The doctor will do a thorough visual assessment of your skin, paying particular attention to areas that get a lot of sun exposure and areas where you might have moles or other skin irregularities. Areas of skin or unusual moles may be examined more closely with the use of dermoscopy, a handheld magnifying tool used to determine the overall pattern of skin growths.

If you haven’t had your yearly screening yet, what are you waiting for? Call Allure Medical today to set up your consultation.

Excision and Other Treatments of Skin Cancer

Diagnosing and treating skin cancer as early as possible is essential. At Allure Medical, our doctors can attack your skin cancer with a variety of effective, cutting-edge treatments, all in our comfortable, professional office. There are many different treatment options, including:


The cancerous cells are surgically removed. This can almost always be performed at an office visit with a small amount of local anesthetic. We will make sure you are comfortable and will strive to make the procedure as painless — and effective — as possible.

Topical medications.

Depending on your symptoms, there are various topical medications that can help. Our doctors will discuss the different options with you.


The cancerous cells are destroyed by freezing them.


Eradicating the cancer with radiation treatments.

Laser treatment:

For cancers caught at very early stages, laser removal can be effective.

Curettage and electrodessication:

The cancer is scraped away and the remaining cells are destroyed with electricity.

Photodynamic therapy:

A photosensitive chemical is applied to the skin, which is then exposed to a special light that kills cancerous cells.

Call Allure Medical today to talk with a dermatologist and find out which options will best work for you.

Nail Conditions

It’s all too easy to ignore your finger and toenails. But often, they can contain clues to different conditions happening in your body. Nails can have ridges, brittleness or be easily bent or broken — any of which can be a sign of a systemic problem. Talking with a dermatologist can help determine the cause of your nail issues and which treatments will be effective.

If you notice a streak of color in your nail, or a growth that’s causing a deformity, it’s important to get it evaluated. The dermatologists at Allure Medical will be able to determine if it is a non-cancerous condition or one that needs a biopsy. A nail biopsy is usually performed in our office with the use of a local numbing medication, and will help rule out more dangerous conditions (such as skin cancer).

Occasionally, fungus can infect the nails; we can perform a nail clipping to determine if you need treatment with an antifungal agent. For bothersome nails that are resistant to treatment, we can perform an avulsion to completely remove the nail.

Pediatric Dermatology

Skin issues that affect babies and children are often different from those that affect adults. They may have different causes, need different treatments and require different approaches. At Allure Medical, our dermatologists recognize this and are ready to treat your children’s dermatological conditions with patience, understanding and sensitivity. Our practice can easily accommodate patients of all ages.

Whether it’s a skin rash caused by a virus, an allergic reaction, a systemic issue, or any other condition, the dermatologists at Allure Medical can help. We will make sure your child and you are both relaxed and comfortable.