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Zerona in Michigan

How does Zerona work?

During Zerona treatment, a series of Diode lasers cause the fat cells to develop pores (or little holes), and the fat then leaks out of the fat cells. The fat cells are not removed or destroyed but simply shrink. They will stay shrunken for the most part, unless the individual gains weight. Since the fat leaks out, it has to be deposited somewhere else as fat, or burned as calories. In order to achieve the best possible results, our Michigan Zerona providers require that patients follow an appropriate diet to be candidates for this treatment. If patients do not follow the recommended diet, Zerona still works by reducing the waist by 3.5 inches on average.* However, it will work better if our Michigan medspa patients recognize the need for lifestyle changes.

Why would we pick Zerona over other treatments?

Zerona is ideally suited for a person who is a little thick and is willing to undergo lifestyle changes. There is not an ideal weight, and in the clinical studies, it was effective on people of any size. This is for the person who does not want surgery, is willing to undergo lifestyle changes, and has reasonable expectations.

How is the procedure performed?

The patient lies on their back for 20 minutes, and then on their stomach for 20 minutes. The technician places the machine over them, and it is totally automatic. It is painless and there are no know negative after effects.

How many treatments are needed?

The company protocol is 6 treatments over a three-week period. More can be added.

Does it work for everyone?

Nothing works 100% of the time. If you have high blood pressure and get a medication, it might not work, but it usually does. In this case it causes reduction in most people. 62% will have over a 3 inch reduction (waist, hips, and thighs).*

Is there Proof?

Scientific study: they took a group of mildly overweight people and asked them not to change their eating or exercise habits. ½ of the people were treated with Zerona, the other ½ with a fake laser. They were given 3 treatments a week for 2 weeks.

In the patients treated with Zerona, there was an average of 3.5 inches of reduction. In the fake laser group, there was no significant reduction (of course, but they used a fake laser to see if people were losing size because they were cheating and going on a diet).

Can it be done on obese people?

Yes. The main study was done on people mildly overweight. Louisiana State University did a clinical study on the Zerona for obese patients. They were told not to change their eating habits or exercise. They were given 8 treatments and had an average reduction of 2.15 cm (which is a little over ¾ of an inch). Why not 3 inches? Well in this study they only treated the stomach, where the other study they did stomach, hips and thighs and the measurements were on all areas.

We will not recommend Zerona to people who are unwilling to undergo lifestyle changes. While it works alone, ¾ of an inch is not that much, and patients will probably just put it back on. Doctors who have encouraged lifestyle changes along with it have noticed their patients losing several inches, and since we know it makes the fat cells leaky, it is preferable to have them burn it off rather than put it somewhere else.

Will the fat come back?

Yes and no. Yes if you gain weight, no if you maintain and or lose weight. Since we are going to position this for people who are a little too heavy for Coolsculpting, or for people who do not have specific areas we are going to do some dietary counseling. In some cases we may add the fat shots that are used in the weight loss program to help suppress the appetite. This should be considered a “jump start” to weight loss, and we have to explain to people they cannot buy their way out of a lifestyle change. But as we have seen with lipo, when people see a big change in their body, they tend to re think what they are doing, and frequently lose much more weight than we take off them.

Is there any downtime?

No. There has been no significant reported side effects or risks.

Other points?

Yes. Keep this in mind. The Zerona is causing the fat cells to become leaky, and the fat is just like the fat you eat….it is stored on your butt or stomach or somewhere, or it is burned as calories during the day. Now we have the new Meal Plan, that is based on stimulating the rapid burning of fat like no other. And it is a bit hard to stick to, I understand that. But if we can convince the patients to follow this for 2 weeks while they are doing the treatment, this should markedly improve effectiveness. Zerona causes fat loss in areas, but does not specifically cause weight reduction. Following the meal plan will lead one to burn rather than store the calories.*

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