Lip Filler

Lip Filler for Full & Natural Looking Lips

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The Allure Medical Lip Filler Method

Our professional injectors at Allure Medical optimize lip filler by a special exclusive technique. The benefits to our lip filler include:

  • Results last longer than traditional filler
  • The lips will have a softer feel (no hard lumps)
  • Lips appear more natural (full, plump lips without looking fake)
  • Safe and effective
Patient's lip filler results from Facebook LIVE video!
Patient's lip filler results from Facebook LIVE video!

Are you a good candidate for lip filler?

If your lips have always been on the smaller side and you are looking for a fuller, more plump look, lip filler would be great for you! Over time, as you continue to get your lips treated, they will produce more collagen and need less filler everytime.

Have your lips deflated overtime? If you have lost volume in your lips, we can use filler to help give you a nice, natural plump that will simply augment your shape and never distort it.

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Join our Lip Club and Get Exclusive Deals!

When you join the Allure Medical Lip Club, your first lip filler treatment is just $399. As a member of the Lip Club, each lip filler treatment you come in for after is only $250 for up to a year. To enter the Lip Club, simply make your lip filler appointment.

What to Expect at Your Lip Filler Appointment

Before your lip filler treatment we inject a nerve/dental block to numb the area so the procedure is virtually painless. We find this method to be more effective than topical numbing solutions.

The treatment is quick, lasting only 5-10 minutes.

Once your lip filler treatment is complete, your lips will be a bit swollen for 24-48 hours.

In about 2 weeks your lips will settle into their final resting appearance and will last 6-12 months. If you are a first time lip filler patient, your results will not last as long as someone who has received lip filler before. Your provider will discuss the lasting effects of your lip filler with you so you know what to expect.

Want to learn more about lip filler?

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