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Skin Resurfacing Lasers

Conditions treated: brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, age spots, sun damage, precancerous spots, melasma, scarring and acne scarring.

Fraxel Dual with Micro-needling and PRP Acne scars, active keratosis, melasma, sun spots

starting at $1,600

Magic Lift Add On Price: $500 *prices subject to change

ActiveFX Laxity, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores

starting at $4100

*prices subject to change

Dermapen Acne scars on dark skin

starting at $400

Magic Lift Add On Price: $200 *prices subject to change

PRP for the Face Decreases laser healing time and post-procedure pain; grows collagen and elasticity

starting at $500

Magic Lift Add On Price: $200 *prices subject to change

4D Facial Intraoral and cheek tightening with deep tissue healing for maximum collagen building

starting at $900

Magic Lift Add On Price: $400 *prices subject to change

Fraxel laser skin resurfacing treatment is one of our most popular cosmetic procedures.

Fraxel works by touching up the skin, point by point, leaving the skin with the ability to rapidly heal. The Fraxel consists of two laser wavelengths and has evolved significantly since it was introduced years ago.

Fraxel Before and AfterThe Fraxel treatment has a period of pink to redness for about 1-2 days, and there may be some slight peeling.

This is considered a non-ablative resurfacing. That means that the skin is resurfaced, but not destroyed, removed, or peeled off. It is resurfaced and left intact to heal quickly.

The newest Fraxel actually consists of 2 lasers in one.

The deeper wavelength (1550 nm) is designed to penetrate into the skins collagen, and helps to heal scars (such as those caused by acne) and smooth everything from fine lines to wrinkles.

The superficial wavelength (1927nm) is designed to correct skin imperfections such as brown spots, discoloration, and texture.
What we have learned more recently since the introduction of Clear Brilliance (a less aggressive fraxel laser skin resurfacing treatment) is that immediately after the laser, and for the next few days, the little channels opened up by the laser act as a medication delivery system. Vitamin C and other topical agents are used, and they not only shorten the downtime (anti-inflammatory), but more rapidly stimulate improvement, and decrease the number of treatments needed. We are seeing results after a single Fraxel Dual treatment (both the 1550 deeper laser, and the 1927 superficial laser) that used to take 4-6 treatments.

Fraxel laser resurfacing treatments have been performed almost a million times, with an excellent safety record. The procedure feels like a hot prickly sensation, and takes about 20 minutes. You will feel like you have a sunburn (and look like it) for usually 1-2 days. We want you to consistently use the prescribed topical medications, and we will apply them immediately after the treatment.*

ActiveFX – more advanced wrinkles, sun damage and discoloration. Downtime 5-7 days.

Conditions treated: sun damage, wrinkles, loose skin, precancerous spots and brown spots.

Active FX, Deep Fx, and Max FX are variations of the most advanced CO2 (carbon dioxide) resurfacing laser.

ActiveFX Before and After Photos

If your concerns are wrinkles, loose skin, or sun damage, and you can tolerate some downtime (not pain or discomfort, but significant redness and some peeling), the Active FX is designed to improve your skin.

The laser targets damaged tissue and more or less vaporizes it. You can think of it as a laser peel, but unlike a chemical peel, the laser gives total control. The depth is set, and the energy is totally predictable. This allows an aggressive treatment in a controlled environment.
Unlike traditional CO2 lasers, the Active Fx uses advanced technology called “fractional resurfacing” that creates little tiny areas of resurfacing at a time, and allows the skin to cool in milliseconds between pulses. This leads to less downtime, less risk, and better results.

The Active fx is more for people with loose skin (a good example is treatment to the extra skin under the eye, a classic use for this laser) and more advanced sun damage. Also, if you are undergoing a surgery, we use the Active fx as an add on, because it has the same downtime.

Dermapen Microneedle

Conditions treated: scars, acne scars, stretch marks and fine lines.

If you have scars (a classic concern is acne scarring), the Dermapen (usually combined with fraxel) is the best treatment for managing this condition. The Dermapen creates tens of thousands of little tiny pokes in the skin, allowing your skin to fill in the scars. It’s kind of like aerating your skin. The Dermapen has been used for the vampire lift, stretch marks, wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation. We find it best for acne scars and stretch marks. This is frequently combined with Fraxel for better delivery of Vitamin C to rebuild collagen.

Costs for a Dermapen procedure are $400 when combined with Fraxel. If added to an Allure Medical Magic Lift package, the price is reduced to $200.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal with Dermapen


This page is for information, and the decision is made when you are evaluated by the doctor. We will review your concerns and condition, and describe the options so you can make the best decision. As a quick reference, these are Dr. Mok’s current thoughts on these procedures:

  • For melasma and discoloration, Fraxel Dual is the choice.
  • For more significant wrinkles (particularly around the eyes and mouth) Active FX is the first choice.
  • Fraxel is the choice if your main concern is downtime, but it won’t perform as well for that condition.
  • If it is acne scarring, then Fraxel and Dermapen microneedle.

Fraxel no. Active Fx yes. Dermapen microneedle, maybe a tiny amount, but usually no.

There is discomfort. For active FX, we typically use IV sedation. For fraxel and dermapen, about ½ of our patients just use topical numbing medication, and some request an oral relaxing medication.

Active FX is designed as a one time procedure, but can be repeated as you age. Fraxel and dermapen, 1-3 typically. Up to 5 for more severe conditions. About 2-4 weeks apart.

Yes. Use sunblock for protection.