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Magic Lift is Your Non-Surgical Facelift Solution

Restore a youthful appearance with Magic Lift, a combination of facial injectables and skin resurfacing technology. The best part? No surgery required.



Magic Lift uses facial injections to naturally lift your features. On the contrary, a surgical facelift can leave permanent scarring and requires downtime.



Allure Medical specializes in natural appearance rejuvenation, meaning your results will have you looking like a younger version of yourself.

Speedy Recovery

Speedy Recovery

While you may experience slight bruising or swelling for a couple days following the procedure, recovery is fairly quick.

Magic Lift FAQ

At Allure, we specialize in natural-appearance rejuvenation, meaning that our patients leave looking like a younger, more glowing version of themselves. (That said, for patients with facial asymmetry, we can address facial inconsistencies to create a more attractive appearance.)

Botox takes effect in about 14 days. You’ll begin to see the effect of the facial fillers immediately.

Botox lasts about 4 months, and fillers last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years, depending on which filler is used. Treatments can be repeated as needed. Follow-up treatments sometimes require less Botox/fillers and can cost less.

Depending on the services you choose, a Magic Lift starts at $2,200. Your age and how much of a lift you’d like to have are also factors.

At Allure, we specialize in natural-appearance rejuvenation, meaning that our patients leave looking like a younger, more glowing version of themselves.

At Allure, we specialize in natural-appearance rejuvenation, meaning that our patients leave looking like a younger, more glowing version of themselves.

No—we use numbing cream and topical ice packs to create a painless experience. The facial fillers also contain anesthetic.

Determine your preferred method of payment and also discontinue any medications and foods/ supplements that make you prone to bruising. These include medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, and foods/supplements like alcohol, fish oil, garlic, and vitamin E.

No, Magic Lift is an exclusive Allure service. We are also unique in that we perform more Botox and filler procedures than anyone in Michigan. Since 2013, in fact, we’ve been one of the top five providers of Botox and filler injections in the US.

Yes, a Magic Lift procedure can replace the facial volume that is often lost after someone has lost weight.

All new patients are seen for a two-week follow-up after having a Magic Lift to ensure satisfaction.

While you may experience slight bruising and swelling for a couple of days following the procedure, we offer herbal supplements to minimize those effects as well as a conceal kit to camouflage any possible bruising. Cool compresses also help resolve any bruising or swelling more quickly.

When it comes to administering Botox and filler injections, we are in the top five facilities in the United States who are licensed to provide these procedures. If you’ve had complications from other providers in the past, we can treat those complications as well as give you a new, successful lift. In fact, one of our niche services is fixing procedures done by other facilities that looks bad or wrong or that may have even been dangerous to do—unfortunately, many patients have procedures performed by non-licensed providers in non-medical facilities. (We have also seen non-licensed fillers supplied by unapproved companies in other countries; often, we have to remove these.)

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Magic Lift Packages

Pretty Eyes

Pretty Eyes

Lift, brighten and enhance the natural beauty of the eyes.


Lift & Restore

Lift & Restore

Enhance the eyes while restoring lost volume near the cheeks and temples.


Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

Restore lost volume in the upper and lower face and tighten excess skin.


Magic Lift Success Stories

For these women, the days of looking tired, sad, or angry are over. They diminished their wrinkles, restored loss volume, and erased the effects of aging without surgery. See what they have to say below.*


*Patient results may vary.

Addressing Your Concerns with Ease

At Allure Medical we use Botox® and facial fillers to restore a natural, refreshed appearance. We replace lost volume and lift sagging tissue to diminish folds and hollows. The Magic Lift can address many facial emotions that come with aging like looking tired, sad, worried, or angry. We can help you look how you really feel.

Under Eye Circles Cheek Hollows Hollow Temples
Marionette Lines Jowls Jawline
Crows Feet Brows & More

Magic Lift Addressing Your Concerns with Ease

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