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Sizing – Determining Which Size Is Right For You

Breast Enhancement Sizing Guidelines

A few steps are necessary to help you and your doctor select the best implant size for your breast augmentation. First, you will be measured to take into account the shape and volume of your natural breasts. Based on the width, fullness, firmness, and size a basic minimum size can be determined. If less than the minimum size is used, the implant will fail to fill out the breast.

At the same time, an approximate maximum size can be determined. This is primarily based on a maximum diameter that fits your body proportions. Going bigger than the suggested maximum diameter can result in unsatisfactory results and can cause the breast to extend beyond the sides of your chest, causing your arms to hit your breasts, resulting in a feeling of awkwardness.

After calculating the dimensions for diameter, the next step is Profile. Profile refers to how tall the implant is. If an implant was sitting on a table, you could measure how tall it is. For any given diameter, a taller implant would be a higher profile. The higher profile implants contain more volume (cc’s) than lower profile implants.


Your figure has some characteristics that help determine what size and shape of an implant will look best for you. If you have very narrow hips, over sized implants will look unnatural. On the other hand, if your hips are fuller, you may look better with larger implants that approximately resemble the diameter of your hips (the “hourglass figure”).


If you are tall, larger implants tend to be chosen. If you are on the short side, implants that are too large may make you look heavy.

Chest Diameter: If you have a larger chest diameter, a larger implant will be chosen than if you have a smaller chest diameter. The implant has to be positioned right under the nipple, and it’s width should be almost as wide as your natural breast.


You should ask yourself if you 1) Don’t really want anyone to notice you’ve had implants, 2) Are looking to achieve a more proportioned feminine look, or 3) Want to turn a few heads. Your personality and the way you feel about your body will help both of us decide what will make you the most comfortable.

Your Natural Breast Size:

The implant will add volume to your existing breast. To determine sizing, both the implant volume, and the volume of your natural breasts need to be taken into consideration.

Generally, a high profile implant is chosen to add more volume to a smaller breast. A lower profile implant as used to fill the upper and central poles of a larger breast. There are versions of moderate profile implants that fit somewhere in between. So, a higher profile for smaller chests, lower profile for larger chests.

You should take as much time as you need to think about what size you want to go with. While there are other things to think about before considering breast enhancement, this remains a key element.

After all the measurements have been taken and your concerns have been addressed we will help you determine the approximate size for your breast enhancement. The final volume and sizing is determined during surgery, as the implants have to fit, but pre-planning is critical to achieve what you desire.