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Scarless Breast Reduction in Michigan

Would you like smaller breasts without major surgery?

Many women, just like you, have large, heavy breasts. They may cause back pain, and your bra may dig into your shoulders.

Well, Scarless Breast Reduction is an option. This option eliminates the complex scars around the nipple, and along the lower half of the breast. It also eliminates or substantially reduces the potential risk associated with a traditional breast reduction.

If your breasts are too large, and you would like a simple outpatient procedure to reduce their size, then listen to what other women have said about this simple, virtually-no-downtime procedure.

Scarless breast reduction involves the use of a modern form of liposuction, usually through 1-2 tiny holes, and excess fat and mass is removed. This option has the advantage of a very quick recovery (done on a Friday, then back to work and a normal life on Monday*). The results to some degree are instant, but there is some swelling that takes awhile to go away.

Standard breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is a procedure where excess breast tissue is removed, and a scar is placed around the nipple and down to the base of the breast, then along the breast crease. The results are instant as well, and swelling goes away in a few weeks.

Here at Allure Medical, we offer both options.

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The question more or less answered itself, because of the lack of a scar.

Yes. For younger women (under 30) there is less fat and more gland tissue, and not as much reduction may occur. There is also less control of the amount of lift and shape. So if the shape or amount of lift are major concerns, the traditional procedure is the best choice. The scarless procedure is for women who just want the breasts smaller, but will accept less lift.

This is very unlikely with the scarless procedure.

In general, no. Most of the fat is removed, and even with significant weight fluctuations, they will not enlarge much. The non fatty gland tissue is generally unchanged without pregnancy.

Generally insurance will cover breast reduction cost if they are large and causing substantial symptoms. In most cases they will only pay for a traditional breast reduction with a scar. Scarless breast reduction has less downtime, risk, recovery, revision rates and is much cheaper than a traditional breast reduction, so it is not clear why they don’t cover it, but they usually do not.