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Known as gummy bears, the Natrelle Style 410 Cohesive Gel Implant is bar-none, the most beautiful and advanced implant in breast augmentation today.

CPGThe big difference

  • Tapered curve prevents implant from wrinkling
  • Healthier placement atop muscle
  • No sedation necessary
  • Textured surface lowers rate of scarring
  • Proven and trusted through a 10 year clinical study
  • Natural contour breast shape

It’s a Personal Choice

Imagine your breasts being fuller, firmer, or perky. Millions of women have chosen breast augmentation to improve their self-esteem, fill out their clothes, or make their bodies more proportionate. Not sure if a breast lift or breast implants are right for you?  We’ll help you every step of the way so can be 100% satisfied with your results.

  • “Scarless” breast augmentation available – performed through your belly button or armpit
  • Breast augmentation options include either silicone or gummy bear implants
  • Some women even choose to use their own fat for their augmentation
  • Costs for breast implants range from $5,500 to $6,700, plus an additional fee of $750 for sedation.

What Size Do I Need?

At Allure Medical, with multiple offices in the metro Detroit area, we use a special computer/photographic system that simulates what you will look like with different sizes and types of breast implants. Your doctor will measure certain points to determine what will fit properly.

The 3D simulator can show you what you can look like with various sizes that fit your personality.

 Before & After Images*

Silicone is softer, and tends to look more natural in women with small breasts. For women with fuller breasts, the difference is negligible.

Silicone breast implants have been researched more than any other medical device. They are safe, pose no health risk, and have been fully cleared by the FDA.

When you come to Allure Medical for your breast lift consultation, you will have a 3D photo taken, and given sizers (implants) to try in your bra. Your doctor will take measurements to determine a range.

In most cases, they go under the muscle. This leads to a more natural look, and the implant becomes less obvious. In selected cases, they are placed in the muscle covering, or on top of, the muscle.

They never need to be replaced, unless they eventually leak (deflate) or you want a different size.

The fee which includes every aspect of the surgery (everything from medications, garments, surgeon, operating room, sedation/anesthesia to follow up visits) is $4,900 for saline and $6,900 for silicone. There is an additional fee of $750 for sedation. Revisions are sometimes needed after surgery. While this is uncommon, there is no additional charge.

Yes. Implants do not prevent the detection of breast cancer.

Yes. They really are not designed to last forever. In 5 years, only about 1 in 100 women will have a leaking implant. We find that silicone implants are less likely to ever leak.

With saline implants, the one that leaked will shrink back to it’s original size. With silicone, it is not as obvious. Even if a silicone implant has a hole in it, the silicone will mostly stay put. And it is very rare that they develop a leak. Should a silicone implant leak, the breast may become firm. With either saline or silicone, there is no health risk associated with the rare leakage, and they can be quickly replaced.

The “stuck on grapefruit” appearance is generally seen in women who start off with virtually no breast tissue, and then have implants. Since they have very little breasts to begin with, it is more obvious. The ways to prevent this include using silicone (which looks a little more natural) and using a smaller implant.

Shaped breast implants have been used on occasion. The idea was to create a “tear drop” appearance to the breast. In reality, the shaped implants do not hold their shape, so they have mostly been abandoned. There is a new series of shaped breast implants that do not lose their shape, but they tend to be too firm or hard for most women.

Frequently there is at least a temporary loss of erotic sensitivity. On rare occasions, there is a loss of sensation.

Generally, breast augmentation has no effect on breast feeding.

Most of the time, your breasts will swell with pregnancy, and then return to pre-pregnancy size and shape. If you are a little droopy to begin with, the droopiness could get worse.

Textured implants are basically rough on the outside to lower the incidence of the breast getting unnaturally firm (also called capsule contracture). They are not used often as they don’t look as nice, but some cases call for them.

Your doctor will advise you of that at your consultation. But here is a simple test to give you an idea: Place a pencil under your breast until it stops and hits your breast tissue. If your nipple hangs below the pencil, you probably need a lift.