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Sculptra makes faces look younger!

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sculptra logoSculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) is a soft tissue filler that restores volume lost with age.  It is different from other fillers in that it takes effect gradually and it lasts for years.  Most patients will want to have 2-3 treatments for a great result.

Drs. Mok and Kotlus have used Sculptra for the past few years at Allure Medical in Shelby Twp, MI, and patients love it.  The best patient for Sculptra is someone who wants to look more youthful by enhancing the fullness of the face where it is sagging from loss of fat.  In someone who has considered facial fat injections but doesn’t have enough fat on their body to donate, Sculptra is perfect.

Read more about Sculptra on their website, here.