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Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin With Kybella™

Charles Mok, D.O. Cosmetic Solutions, Fat and Cellulite, New Technology, Skin Care

kybella-logo2What if I told you there was a wonder drug that could permanently reduce unwanted fat under your chin, without surgery? If you haven’t seen my last blog on Kybella™, you may be interested in hearing about this exciting new treatment, available to patients in about 2 weeks.

With many of the patients I see (both men and women), submental fullness of the chin is often resistant to diet and exercise. Kybella is a great option for patients who otherwise have a balanced facial appearance, eat healthy and maintain a normal workout routine.

Kybella is an injectable medicine that melts away chin fat to define and contour your neck. This FDA-approved synthetic drug mimics a naturally occurring substance within the body to metabolize excess facial fat.

How does Kybella work?

The skin is numbed in the treatment area, and a series of injections are applied, causing the fat cells to die. Unwanted fat cells are then cleared away by the body, much like the body clears away a bruise. The fat dissolves without surgery or downtime!

Equally exciting is the potential Kybella has for removing stubborn fat from the body. For more than a decade Allure Medical has been offering a similar treatment called Mesotherapy (also known as Lipodissolve), a fat-destroying treatment that works well on many different areas, including the legs, back, neck and chin.

One of the key ingredients in Mesotherapy is deoxycholate acid, identical to that of Kybella, with the same fat-melting properties. While we know that Kybella is approved for treating submental fullness of the chin (or chin fat); it’s essentially a variation of an old one (Mesotherapy) that has proven to be safe and effective for fat removal in various areas of the body.

Why choose Allure for Kybella injections?

Dr. Mok has been using this drug in some form for more than 10 years to help men and women eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from their bodies with great success. He is, in fact, one of the pioneers in the application of deoxycholate acid for fat elimination.

Of course, as with any of the non-surgical fat elimination treatments we offer, you can expect some side effects with Kybella treatments (generally mild irritation and soreness). Like our non-surgical fat elimination treatments, Kybella is not a substitute for diet and exercise. We encourage patients to make lifestyle changes before undergoing treatment.

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